Mandelli handles knob Knobs/GIR · Mandelli design handles Handles Grint · Mandelli design handles CATALOGO Maniglia Spin. Mandelli design handles CATALOGO · BROCHURE JUNO · CARTOLINA ZEIT. Copyright Erco srl | Erco srl Via Adda. That of the Founder of Mandelli Maniglie, was the colour of gold: brass. His story begins like that of many small CATALOGO

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We have been manufacturing high quality door-handles and accessories in solid brass since Continuous research, new technologies and innovative design have positioned us among the world leaders of very reliable products with a high aesthetic value. Mandelli vuol dire da sempre ricerca, innovazione, prodotto. E non si presta a compromessi: A partire dai materiali impiegati: Dalla nostra sede il prodotto viene poi spedito in tutto il mondo: E grazie ai risultati conseguiti, al nostro Made in Italy rimaniamo assolutamente fedeli.

Mandelli has signified product research and innovation since ever. We have very well defined ideas on aesthetic and fabrication, that leave space to no compromise: This from the very beginning of our fabrication: We pay our utmost attention to product finishing and quality control as well as to final packing.

We ship out the product to very many places in the world, then. We do not only deliver a product, but a philosophy and a culture for a state-of-the-art product deriving from our Italian tradition for handcraftsmanship, but utilising the best available technologies in the industry.


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We do it with no compromises. Quadrettatura di 1 cm2 1×1 mm con strappo a nastro. Filtro attenuatore mm. Immersione nel cemento liquido per 14 giorni. Soluzione di soda caustica: Pulizia con prodotti detergenti per la casa; una volta al giorno per 7 giorni.

Accelerazione vibrazione 1, G, periodo ciclo sec. Pressione applicata 5N 20 Kgf numero colpi: Simulazione di apertura con pressione di 8 Kg DM nandelli Oltre ore senza alcuna alterazione. Dopo ore minima alterazione nei punti dei reticoli. Nessun distacco di vernice. Dopo ore nessuna sensibile variazione di colore rispetto alla zona mascherata. Nessuna alterazione della superficie. Nessuna rottura o alterazione della superficie.

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Nessun principio di corrosione. Lievissimi punti di corrosione nelle vicinanze dei fori. Nessun sensibile alterazione della superficie.

Lieve alterazione del colore.

Nessun danno significativo sul pezzo e sulla confezione. Nessuna decolorazione o danno alla vernice. Il processo si realizza attraverso una serie di interventi preparatori del prodotto ed il successivo rivestimento con speciali resine, con le quali si ottengono: Fluxcoating Vitrified, is a unique protective treatment developed by Mandelli Engineering to enhance the brass appearance and preserve it for a long time.


Through various product pre-treatments and this coating with special resins, a very high resistance to weather conditions, shocks and abrasion is obtained, whilst the natural shiny look of the polished brass remains unchanged. Traditional coatings may involve dripping or dull-spotted brass surfaces, where the Fluxcoating Vitrified treatment means long-lasting and unchanged brass brilliance in every piece. Results Over micron. Over hours without alterations.

Check of 1 square centimeter 1×1 mm with ribbon pull. Lamp power 1, W. Attenuating filter mm. Immersion in liquid cement for 14 days. Duration of the immersion: Cleaning with household detergent products.

Once per day for 7 days. Opening simulation with 8 Kg pressure DM of After hours no notable colour variation in comparison with the masked zone. No alteration of the surface.

No hints maniflie corrosion. Very light corrosion spots near the holes. No notable alteration of the surface. No notable variation of the surface. Slight alteration of the colour. No significant damage on the sample and the packing. No decolourizing or damage to vanish. Create a free account Login. Embed or link this publication.