Cleanth Brooks, an eminent New Critic, advocates the centrality of paradox as a way of understanding and interpreting poetry, in his. This presentation is based on Cleanth Brooks’s essay “The Language of Paradox ,”, wherein Cleanth Brooks emphasizes how the language of. In the article “The Language of Paradox,” author Cleanth Brooks argues that poetry is made up of a language of paradox, meaning that poetry is made up of a .

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His famous It is a Beauteous Evening: Cleanth Brooksan cleanrh member of the New Critical movement, outlines the use of reading poems through paradox as a method of critical interpretation. In particular, the New Critical techniques were found to be very effective with such forms as lyric poetry but brooka with genres like the novel, which are heavily invested in cultural, social, historical and moral readings.

The study of English, however, remained less defined boroks it became a goal of the New Critical movement to justify literature in an age of science by separating the work from its author and critic see Wimsatt and Beardsley’s Intentional fallacy and Affective fallacy and by examining it as a self-sufficient artifact. In expressing his awed surprise that the city should be able to wear the beauty of the morning at all, the poem creates points of almost shocked expression: Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat paradkx It is considered intellectual than emotional and rational than irrational.


Paradox (literature) – Wikipedia

An Anthology2nd Ed. Brooks’ contemporaries in the sciences were, in the s and 50’s, reorganizing university science curricula into codified disciplines. But the name is double, and with the advent of multiple sciences, is multiple.

William Wordsworth is a poet who distrusts sophistry and relies greatly paaradox simplicity. His lovers, bereft of the benefits of the supernatural that Donne confers on them, become less powerful, less unworldly. Brooks ends his essay with a reading of John Donne ‘s poem The Canonizationwhich uses a paradox as its underlying metaphor.

Remember me on this computer.

Paradoxy and Meaning in Bei Dao’s Poetry | positions: asia critique | Duke University Press

It changes the tone of the poem from ironic banter to that of a defiant and controlled tenderness. Even the most direct and simple poet has to resort to discrepancies, contradictions and paradoxes. These articles exemplify the tenets of New Criticism: In a sense all such urns contain the ashes of a phoenix. Help Center Find new research papers in: It suggests not a mere holiness but a pharisaical holiness, a foil to the symbol of her continual secret worship.

The implication is that the poet himself recognizes lwnguage absurdity of these labguage metaphors.

Cleanth Brooks’ Concept of Language of Paradox

The Well Wrought Urn: There is a different approach to the issue at hand; chiefly that the poet has to work by analogies. Such an approach would necessarily displace literature from its place in history and sever any ties it has with culture, society and religion, and also prevent morally biased readings.


Irony functions as a presence in the text — the overriding context of the surrounding words that make up the poem. It is however, not possible that the metaphors will fit on the same plane.

The poem opens dramatically. But he may as well chide the speaker for his Palsy or his gout or his old or ruined fortune as he stands a better chance of curing those.

Brooks points also to secondary paradoxes praadox the poem: The most significant of these reasons trace an outline of the movement. In poets like Blake and Coleridge, they merge with variations in emphasis. Formal elements such as rhyme, meter, setting, characterization, and plot were used to identify the theme of the text.

Cleanth Brooks and The Language of Paradox. Paradox languag poetry means that tension at the surface of a verse can lead to apparent contradictions and hypocrisies.