Witty economists are about as easy to find as anorexic mezzo-sopranos, natty mujahedeen, and cheerful Philadelphians. But Steven E. Landsburg is one. The Armchair Economist by Steven E. Landsburg – Air bags cause accidents, because well-protected drivers take more risks. This well-documented truth comes. In The Armchair Economist, Steven E. Landsburg shows how economic thinking illuminates the entire range of human behavior. But instead of focusing on the.

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My obsession with economics is starting to become a bit of a problem. What I enjoyed most econkmist this book was that the examples were so clear that I felt like I actually understood some of the basic principles of economy – and some of the things Mr.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Landsburg is a Professor of Economics at the University of Rochester. After revealing economic principles in readily apparent phenomena of everyday life, Landsburg applies these same principles to newspaper and media accounts of public issues.

Aug 21, Andrew Breslin rated it liked it. I got fed up after five or so chapters in this vein.

Armchair Economist: Economics & Everyday Life by Steven E. Landsburg

I need a lot more fiber in my diet. How Economists Go Wrong. Mar 27, Summer rated it it was ok Shelves: But it does have a value. After this slight digression into the economish of empirical research, let me return to my main topic: A little knowledge is a notoriously dangerous thing, and when I read popular and clearly intentionally provocative economics armchaur such as this book, I just have an overwhelming urge to argue with their authors.

There were more accidents and fewer driver deaths per accident, but the total number of driver deaths remained essentially unchanged.

I like the chapter Rational riddles, The indifference principle, The mythology of armhcair, How statistics lie, Why popcorn costs more at the movies, Random walks and stock market prices. The result is more accidents. He said that he even went so far as to create a collection of idiotic errors and he keeps it in an ever-growing file on his computer.


The principle I am applying admchair precisely the same one that predicted the disappearance of gasoline lines. Steven Landsburg’s writings were my post collegiate introduction to the evonomist value of studying economisy. For one, they all invite healthy discussion and armcchair importantly, if the proponent cannot prove it right, the dissenter cannot prove it wrong either so that makes all of these topics a landdburg point Every book has something or the other to offer, but the most important take away from this book is that it will keep you safe from the subliminal indoctrination of belief systems inside you which you might be able to realize only when it’ll be too late.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. First, those parents who post signs are probably unusually cautious; landbsurg have fewer accidents just because they themselves are exceptionally careful drivers, independently of how their sign affects others.

The last chapter, “Why I am Not an Environmentalist” really made me think, as Landsburg outlines the reasons why commonly-held beliefs on the behaviours that help the environment may not be as effective as we think. And why would single diners tip waitstaff anonymously, with no one to impress? What, no mention of social proof, status theory, or even a passing familiarity with the Hollywood distribution model? He has expounded basic economic principles with wit and verve.

View all 7 comments. To what extent do harsh punishments deter criminal activity? Hey friends, long time no see Well I am to blame for that as under pressing circumstances, I got sidetracked from this wonderful addiction ;P Well, let’s talk about this new book that I just finished This is the best book I’ve read so far folks laandsburg I’m not exaggerating. Do we realize this? Landsburg explains why the obvious answers are wrong, reveals better answers, and illuminates the fundamental laws of human behavior along the way.

I liked the expression – easy questions thinking using economics. This book was great and I hope to read some of his other books on economics and possibly some of his published columns in Slate magazine.


Why do corporations confer huge pensions on failed executives?

I purchased and read the book in almost one sitting. My colleague, Ron Baker, recommended Landsburg and others.

True Crime Children’s Books. While some might wish they had an extra 10 Ferragamo shoes to wear, I am guessing others feel happy that the poor are better off.

Armchair Economist: Economics & Everyday Life

There are a few books that when you read them they change your perspective on everything. So lets look at those folk armchairr. Still think taxes don’t produce anything Mr Economist? How is this wrong? This question cannot be answered by pure logic. That group will choose to drive more carefully when alerted to a baby”s presence and will be glad to have that presence called to theft attention. All intriguing questions, which the author has no intention of fully armdhair.

So if I economiat my ass off and buy an Ipod, it is my enjoyment out of the purchase which is the true reward When the price of gasoline is low, people choose to buy more gasoline. Jan 16, Bruce rated it it was ok Recommends it for: So if enjoying nature means something, there could theoretically be a dollar value attached.

Professor Landsburg extraordinary described the economics involved in our daily life. But each chapter is one series after another of economic or sociological examples tossed off and left unanalyzed. Join our mailing list! When price controls were lifted, the lines disappeared.

The last es Contrary to Naked Economics, this book actually taught me something new and that was quite unexpected.