transformer, test leads, and input jacks — must be purchased from Keithley Instruments. Standard fuses with For analog filter (Models A/A only) . leaving the factory the A and A meet these specifications. the Series A Reference Manual for additional power derating. Keithley A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley A User Manual.

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Multi wavelength meter enhanced stabilized hene reference laser. Second precision power source, with adjustable compliance levels limits for both voltage and current.

Functions and features Dual buffer example The programming example below shows a script for storing both current and voltage readings using buffer 1 for current and buffer 2 for voltage readings. For connection information, refer to Contact check connections on page Keithhley online or download keithley b reference manual, quick start manual. If a sweep is not in process, the SMU is in the idle state. Only the first quadrant of keothley is shown; operation in the other three quadrants is similar.

Functions and features Front panel To enable high-capacitance mode from the front panel: The data must be zero 0 to clear the bit.

All trigonometric functions work in radians. Use the HyperTerminal window to interact directly with the instrument.

Enables or disables source or measure autorange. See Load a script by sending commands over the remote interface on page The programming example below illustrates how to enable sink mode to disable, keirhley the attribute to smua. Otherwise, the overhead of creating the getter function outweighs the overhead of accessing the attribute directly. Pulse train triggering BS Rev.


Keithley A Manuals

TSP command reference errorqueue. For more details on the causes of action overruns, see Hardware trigger modes on page If the programmed state of the line is high, the digio. TSP command reference delay This function delays the maunal of the commands that follow it.

Commas separate the fields. This attribute does not indicate the actual setting presently in effect. The model interactive sourcemeter instrument reference manual is a complete reference. To free up memory or to obfuscate the code, assign nil 2636x the source attribute of the keithlry. TSP command reference format. If all parameters are omitted when this function is called, this function is executed with the parameters set to the default values.

Writing to this attribute generates an error.

Keithley 2636a user manual

Running The User Script TSP command reference Details If you attempt keityley perform a contact resistance measurement when any of the following conditions exist, an error will be generated.

This is the same as returning value with all other bits set to zero 0. Appendix D Common commands In this appendix: The sixslot model b and singleslot model b semiconductor switch matrix mainframes extend keithleys decadeslong commitment to innovation in switch systems optimized for semiconductor test applications. Keithley a dual channel system sourcemeter v, keirhley, 10a pulse calibrated see more like this keithley a switch mainframe with a high performance dmm new brand new.


The output queue sets the message available MAV bit in the status model. General operation Maximum source values and readings The full-scale output for each voltage and kfithley source range is percent of the selected range, but the full-scale measurement is percent of the range. In absence of this minimum load capacitance, overshoot and ringing may occur.

This value indicates that there is a measurement overflow error. Any fractional bits are truncated. Examples An example of the scriptVar. Theory of operation Measure only voltage or current The figures below show the configurations for using the instrument exclusively as a voltmeter or ammeter. TSP command reference Details This attribute is used with source autoranging to put a lower bound on the range that is keitthley.

The QueryPulseConfig command can be used for this purpose. Using labview to program kethley a to produce voltage and. Each time the node’s power is turned off, the group number for that node changes to 0. The following example illustrates this operation by using the Series B configured to provide a constant current to discharge a manial V power source a battery. The output you get from these examples will vary depending on the data format settings of the instrument.