The Karezza Method, by J. William Lloyd [], at This is because it’s not about technique or a goal driven encounter, instead it’s a The gentleman who introduced me to the Karezza method shared his insights. The Karezza Method, published in , is a beautiful, inspiring manual about the practice of Karezza (controlled intercourse) by J. William Lloyd. Thoughtfully.

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When having sex, you should not only consider your needs but the needs of your partner. It is no longer about you getting pleasure for yourself, yet it is a truly pleasant experience.

Though it may seem like this kind of sex is boring and pointless, if you stay with it and wait, you will learn that there is an incredible gift for both of you. It took only about a week for me to overcome the soreness when I finally quit masturbating. In sugary, dark, moist places, like vaginas. Do you want to bond with your woman or do you want to fertilize her?

For me, that’s where the greatest joy is. Why do people remove hair down there? It is the great beautifier. Counselor Deb Feintech told ABC News that she uses karezza to help her coupled patients revitalize their relationships.

Did the West misperceive or use selective conveyance? Amazingly, the penis will probe, explore and pulsate on its own.

Karezza in Four Easy Steps (for men) | Reuniting

That said, couples are encouraged to find what works for them. Someone sent me a kafezza utube film which is about non-orgasmic sex by a very articulate young man. Over time you will discover that the penis has an innate intelligence.

Let there be no hurry or thought of rudeness – be tender, be tender! The effects of Karezza are cumulative.

Few wish to risk their professional status and livelihood questioning the status quo. We can get important information out Finally your touch will grow near and you will come to the focus karzeza all, “the love-flesh” – the Flower. A previous version of this article stated that it would not become an official diagnosis until the publication of DSM-V.


How Does Karezza Work?

To her credit we tried it, but it didn’t stay very Karezza-like for long. However, Karezza is capable of boosting feel-good feelings in the brain. Biologically driven sex, where orgasm is the end goal, is often stressful and far from relaxing. This Karezza stuff just seems really boring and uneventful.

Do exactly as at first and so continue till you do succeed. Thoughtfully written and based on actual experience, it brims with practical information. That is risky given that we have no idea how healthy or unhealthy this practice may be. Turns out according to this we weren’t even practicing it, just having slow conventional sex without orgasm.

What you want to do is stay relaxed, open, still, and partially inside of her for an hour or so. If she suffers pain, caress her with your hands, pity her, and be tender and very sympathetic, but reassure her and go on. Theres a lot of room under this definition to engage in ways that pleasure you both. The Karezza Methodpublished inis a beautiful, inspiring manual about the practice of Karezza controlled intercourse by J. It’s like my neighbors mare, she’s over there at the fence shaking her back karezzz, she wants something she can’t get to.

That way technlque both comfortable and bonding at first, then you finish with an tehnique and everybody wins. Side to side works well too. Karezza is essential for any couple who wants to truly reconcile with one another and experience a deep, rewarding intimate relationship.

It is very soothing and relaxing and releases oxytocin in the brain, which makes you feel bonded to your partner. Instead they’re taught in school that excess is impossible “because people will quit when they’ve had enough.

The Karezza Method: The Karezza Method

I can absolutely understand the benefits, but I find it hard to imagine sex, as I’ve come to enjoy it, being reduced to simply penetrating and then barely moving. The emphasis is put on love, adoration and affection, which allows the couple to stay away from the edge of orgasm. The gentleman who introduced me to the Karezza method shared his insights below on how to properly practice Karezza.


Penetration can now be perfect and complete. Here is my affiliate link: In the beginning I tried it and liked it for two reasons. If while you are penetrating you feel the orgasm irresistibly approaching, withdraw entirely, lift yourself a little higher up and have the emission against her body, while you are pressed close to her warmth and consoling love. We definitely move, not like a pile driver, but movement is absolutely part of our Karezza practice.

I have found performing the genital massages testicles only, no shaft on myself to be very helpful in relieving sexual tension and avoiding the urge to masturbate. I haven’t tried to suggest it to her since.

The first time this phenomenon happened to me I was stunned at how profoundly nourishing it was. My partner read it and it was very validating for what we are doing. For some people that may mean taking a nap throughout the day, for others, it will mean an increased libido.

Therefore it is recommended that couples work on the process together.

How To Practice Karezza – (Part 2)

If you read that article, and maybe a few others, it may become clearer why “hot” foreplay doesn’t work well for everyone. If you and your partner enjoy more thrusting sex as you say try slowing it down by incruments. This is one of the biggest fallacies perpetuated in the modern world today.