Jankiel Wiernik was a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor who was an influential figure in the Treblinka extermination camp uprising of August Following his . File:Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg Polski: Pierwsza strona relacji Jankiela Wiernika “Rok w Treblince” wydanej w Jankiel (or Yankel)-Yaakov Wiernik (in Hebrew: יעקב ויירניק; born , Biala Jankiel Wiernik Rok w Treblince jpg × ; KB.

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The camp cars were parked in the yard. There were two large posters with big signs bearing instructions to surrender all gold, silver, diamonds, cash and other valuables under penalty gok death. The work was very hard, because we had to drag each corpse, in teams of two, for a distance of approximately meters.

Rok w Treblince = A year in Treblinka

Everybody liked it so much that the Hauptsturmfuhrer and Loeffler bragged to their colleagues that they had done the work themselves. After the work on the gas chambers had been completed, I was transferred back to Camp No.

Open Preview See a Problem? Mrs K Cook rated it really liked it Oct 11, Once this would be finished, the few of us who were the sole witnesses to the appalling crimes which had been committed would also be killed.

The load is wearisome, very wearisome, but I must carry it for the time being. It was midsummer by then, and the fire grates gave off a terrific heat, turning the place into an inferno. A bout that time, the camp discipline became stricter.

Out of the four “pure” extermination camps, Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor and Chelmno came 82 survivors. All the necessary paraphernalia was being prepared: Please enter the message. From Tok Commons, the free media repository. While I was working in Camp No. A portion of the area of Camp No.

I never acted obsequious toward the Germans. He wore a tall fur calpac on his head and carried a wooden rifle. They were the ones who had built Treblinka. We, too, benefited from this woernik Those chapters were taken treblibce the version published in the book: While the Germans ate their midday meal, between noon and 1 p. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway.


They did this without the knowledge of the Germans and, of course, they applied methods of terror. Part of a series on. Jews were put to work at sorting out the plunder, arranging things systematically because every item had to serve a definite purpose. The sun shone brightly through the small, grated windows of our barrack. Now and then, a child would whimper but then some killer’s fingers would grasp its thin neck in a vise-like grip, cutting off the last plaintive sobs.

Until noon I suffered greatly from thirst. It gave light and warmth, and wiednik the same time it obliterated every trace of the victims, while our own janiiel bled. Nikolay, however, used the whip freely. I had left a packed knapsack and a pair of high boots at home, jankel I had prepared because of rumors that we were to be taken to the Ukraine and put to work there.

While we were working, the Ukrainian guards told us that the people who had come on that transport had refused to be led into the gas chambers and had put up a fierce fight.

Suddenly we heard yells and heavy rifle fire. Apparently, the horrors he had experienced in Treblinka had caused him to suffer from rom syndromea form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

When he pushed women around and they begged him to stop because they had children with them, he would frequently snatch a child from the woman’s arms and either tear the child in half or grab it by the legs, smash its head against a wall and throw the body away.

Wiernik also testified in the Ludwig Fischer’s trial Jankiel Wiernik was a Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivor who was an influential figure in the Treblinka extermination camp uprising of August All those in this group were separated from the others. They took whatever was given them. We made frequent trips to that well, even when we did not need water, in order to get the guards used to seeing us come and go.


Jankiel Wiernik

They spoke to us, but we couldn’t understand what they were saying. When Wiernik’s profession as a carpenter was accepted, he was put to work treblinde various camp structures including additional gas chambers.

New transports of victims arrived each day. The Scharfuhrer “squad leader” Franz walked up to us, accompanied by his dog and a Ukrainian guard armed with a machine gun. On one occasion a girl fell out of line. This resolve had given me janiiel strength to struggle against the hangmen and the endurance to bear the misery.

She was entirely nude; she was young and beautiful, but there was a demented look in her eyes. Our group of workers grew; additional workers arrived.

Year in Treblinka / Rok w Treblince by Jankiel Wiernik

But seeing the stony expressions on the faces of their elders, they matched their behavior to the occasion. The rebels were cremated. It was a continuous coming and going, and death without end.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Beyond this enclosure, there was a ditch of 3 x 3 meters and, along the outer rim of the ditch, another barbed wire fence. T he Lagertilteste [spokesman] of Camp No. It was, to be constructed of logs and serve as a guard station in Camp No.

As I worked, I noticed that some of the workers had red or yellow patches on their pants.