Mass and Balance covers the factors governing the loading of an aeroplane to ensure that the longitudinal centre of gravity and mass are within the structural. Questions-Mass-and-balance · View. Mass and Balance, Oxford · View. Mass and Balance ATPL · View. Operational Procedures · View. Buy JAA ATPL Mass & Balance – JA and other aviation books at yout pilot shop headquarters, Pilots HQ.

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Reserve Fuel 6, kg. If the aircraft commander is satisfied that the load carried is of such weight and is so distributed and secured that the flight can be safely conducted then he is to sign the load sheet as accepting the load.

With the role equipment fitted the aircraft is ready to enter service. In order to understand the concept of weight and balance as it applies to aeroplanes it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the basic theory of balance and force moments.

The sum of the aircraft basic weight, the variable load and disposable load. By convention any weight which is positioned forward of the reference datum has a negative arm and therefore produces a negative moment. We now need to calculate this extra distance.

The forward centre of gravity limit is established at;l ensure there is sufficient elevator movement available at minimum flight airspeed. The statistical procedure for determining revised standard baggage mass values based on average baggage mass values based on average baggage masses of the minimum required sample size is basically the same as for passengers and as specified in sub-paragraph a 1 [See also IEM-OPS 1.


The underload is entered in Box Crew Gear Crews Curtis Superior. Conversion between Weight and Volume amss.

Define the CG of an aeroplane. Harvey Westbury Hawker Beechcra. Attpl weighing machine to be used for passenger weighing shall have a capacity of at least kg. The Flight Planning book addresses the determination of the maximum payload, which can be carried on a given flight. The manual load and trim sheet may be completed by the agent or alternatively, by the Captain or First Officer.

Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory).pdf Download ( Pages | Free )

Maximum landing blance 33, lb. These load sheet requirements do not apply to an aircraft with an MTWA of kg or less. The total weight of the aeroplane excluding the usable fuel and traffic load is called? The weighing machine must be accurate to within 0. Having done this, if the CG is outside of the approved envelope it is necessary to redistribute the load in order to move the CG to within limits, if possible.

Role equipment is that which is required to complete a specific task such as seats, toilets, galley for the passenger role or roller conveyor, lashing points and tie down equipment for the freight roles. Hardware Momentive Momentum Intera. A copy of each issue of the Schedule shall be retained by the operator, and where the Schedule is re-issued the previous issue shall be retained with the aircraft records. Right Hand Main Wheel lb. The mass shall be displayed at minimum graduations of g.


Jeppesen. JAA ATPL Training Mass and Balance

In addition the Weight and Centre-of-Gravity Schedule for aircraft the Maximum Total Weight Authorised of which does not exceed kg, shall contain instructions for the determination of the loaded weight, the total load moments and resultant CG positions.

The Schedule including the graphs and the List of Basic Equipment should, as far as is practical, take the form of FigureFigure and Figure Sector Distance A to B 3, nm. This is the fuel used from departure to destination aerodromes and may be minimised by operating at the most economical pressure altitude accounting for the temperature and wind component, but not below the minimum safe altitude.

Special Standard Masses for the Traffic Load 3. C of G 25m. The statistical procedure, complemented with a worked example for determining the minimum required sample size and the average mass, is included in IEM-OPS 1. Aero Cosmetics Aero Instrument. Mean TAS kt.

Aircraft Mass & balance (JAA ATPL theory).

It balznce not exceed the surface load bearing strength. Dry operating weight 30,kgs; Maximum take-off weight 52,kgs; Maximum zero fuel weight 43, kgs; Maximum landing weight 46,kgs: The safety of an aeroplane is of paramount importance and depends on many different people competently completing their individual tasks. The problems are not complicated because there is no consideration of whether the centre of gravity of the laden aircraft lies within the trim envelope.