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To learn about ISO and small bore connector standards, visit our website for ISO standard information and shop our products today. ISO is the newly published standard that replaces the ISO series of standards. The ‘Part 7’ standard is specifically for small-bore. intravasculaires ou hypodermiques. STANDARD. ISO. First edition. Reference number. ISO (E). Corrected version.

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ISO Standards on enteral feeding systems

The desire of the committee is to narrow the options to one unique connector, but two connector sets may remain in the standards document when it is sent out for the next review. It also specifies the healthcare fields in which these small-bore connectors are intended to be used.

Multiple connections between medical devices and tubing are common in patient care. Process to approve a standard includes: Neuraxial Devices Neuraxial connector design has been determined.

They are also involved in supporting the group after the meeting. In addition, a committee has been formed and is meeting to analyze the potential interconnections between the proposed connectors in each committee standard.

Qosina offers 80639 extensive line of enteral feeding connectors that have been designed to meet the ISO standard. Small-bore connectors as specified in ISO The common current practice of using Luer connection syringes to inject through neuraxial and major regional catheters will no longer be possible.

This has already been conducted for -3 by a private oso group io for -5 and -7 from a historical use perspective. General Opinion from this Meeting Most of the standards committees have significant work left to do to finalize connectors for their given market; There remains the potential that connectors defined in different committees may mate to each other.


If you are currently using any small-bore connectors in a kit, set, or line, which drives gas or pressurized fluids to patients and are using luers in non IV applications, this may impact you. As described further below, an outcome of the October meetings was to revise the standard and send it back out for the next round in the review process. This standard will involve some key changes from component suppliers, which may include designing new connectors or modifying existing connectors to meet the specifications in the new standard.

These applications involve the use of medical kso used to administer medications to neuraxial sites, wound infiltration anesthesia delivery and other regional anesthesia procedures, or to 83069 or remove cerebro-spinal fluid for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. A separate computer aided design CAD committee has been formed as a part of the process of developing the individual connector standards to analyze proposed standard connectors for possible connection to a luer, and also to connectors defined in parts 2 to iao.

ISO I Small Bore Connectors | Qosina

December, Update The ISO working group met in London in December, to discuss each specification, and work toward the next level to release these specifications for review. These delivery systems frequently employ fittings called Luer connectors to link various system components.

Bag Ports Test Data. Conduct usability testing with actual molded connectors; 3 send another revision out as a DIS for final review and vote; 4 if approved, submit the standard to the members as an FDIS. A new standard for connectors with intravenous or hypodermic applications has just been published, complementing the series The Luer iiso has emerged as the industry leader and has been extensively used for intravascular, neuraxial, enteral, medical gas, and monitoring applications.



California law AB states: A new version is being worked on by the committee and is expected to be released in Life cycle A standard is reviewed every 5 years 00 Preliminary. ISO is a new standard that is being developed by the International Organization for Standardization to improve patient safety and reduce the risk of small-bore misconnections used in liquid and gas healthcare applications. You may be interested in: The new standard has changed the configuration of the male and female connectors.

April, Update The initial governing document for small bore connectors has been finalized and is available on the AAMI website. Small-bore connections defined as having an inner diameter less than 8. It is also recognized that not all connectors can be evaluated using each test method in this part.

Once implemented, these connectors will facilitate correct connections and eliminate incompatible tubing misconnections.

Discussions have been held concerning the definition of Small Bore and any limitations to connector sizes. The PG2 Respiratory standards committee did not meet. Small-bore connectors for liquids and gases in healthcare applications” Title of ISO You may be interested sio There will be some changes made to the table and columns that define each connection.

During the meeting in Seattle, the following items were discussed: