Compared to those monuments, the French-American composer Edgard Varèse’s “Ionisation” barely amounts to a flyspeck. The work’s This work is likely not in the public domain in the US (due to first publication with the required notice after , plus renewal or “restoration” under the. Edgard Varèse. Ionisation, for 13 percussionists. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook · twitter · tumblr.

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As it sits at the higher end of the frequency scale it needs to be an instrument with a short decay to enable it to be part of the elaborations ionisqtion to the gong and tam-tam being present in this texture.

Again the return of the gong; however this time unlike the first appearance of this texture the bass drum is not present. The reason for this is associated with the thematic role of the guiro, castanet and tambourine play.

Instead of adding colour to the high end of the hearing register, it acts as part of the dynamic build up of the texture, at the same time complementing the anvils with what can be best described as a underlining of colour. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. With having such a long decay these fit almost perfectly with the action vraese the piano, creating an individual feeling of falling, as well as a colouring of the register between itself and the piano.

The premiere ended in tremendous applause, though some might have clapped simply because the piece was over.

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat At subsequent performances, however, Ionisation was not as well received. The piece is named after this process. You have exceeded the maximum number of MP3 items in your MP3 cart. By this point the siren is an established thematic part, very similar to the first appearance of this texture; however the scoring shows a more sudden arrival to the peak of the sirens dynamic range, indicated by the expressions pp to mf in the space of one bar.


Composers took special interest in the unique timbres of unpitched percussion instruments and began thinking critically about the many different qualities of sound they could make. As the composer later described, “I was not influenced by composers as much as by natural objects and physical phenomena.

The coda is demarcated by the introduction of pitched instruments. Avant-gardeThomas May. As this part repeats itself it seems to be detached from the any other parts, it may therefore be considered as an episodic figure.

Ionisation (Varèse) – Wikipedia

Share your thoughts with other customers. Each succession of any five chords struck by these instruments contains all twelve pitches of the chromatic collection, thus eliminating their function as melodic or harmonic. Get fast, free shipping with Ionisatiob Prime. For the first time a clear distinctive pattern cannot only be heard but also seen within the score.

Ionisation (Varèse, Edgard)

Some music historians claim that Cuban conductor Amateo Roldan had written the first pieces for percussion ensemble inRitmicas V and Ritmicas VI. Texture III also includes and edgar individual elements that are important in developing the piece further.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The overall dynamic level moves from a quiet introduction to a loud ending where a crescendo of cymbals and gongs play an important part. The crescendo is formed by the tam-tam being introduced with the gong in virtualization techniques that also appear later within the piece. The Boydell Press, When considering its role in the first few bars, the reason for leaving the bass drum out may be because the siren is introduced with more volume and more emphasis than the first appearance of Texture I.

Their inclusion now completes all the needed elements for the following texture linear elaborations. Occasional relief is found in rhythmic unisons, that bind the separate blocks of sound into a single, propulsive rush, but there are not many.

This structure continues until measure 51 with the heralding entrance of the anvils. In normal percussion music this is used to add drive and energy into a composition.

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Edgard Varese: Ionisation () by The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble on Amazon Music –

edgad Sexy Trippy All Moods. Oxford University Press, Ionisation features the expansion and variation of rhythmic cellsand the title refers to the ionization of molecules. The maracas during the first few bars play a part of edgadd however during bar three of this texture we see a clever swap in timbre frequency when the last beat in the bar on the snare is held with the maracas playing what seems to be the tambour militaire part.


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The dramatic contour is in the degrees to which these rhythmic cells, which evolve into recognizable blocks of sound, seem to not be working together, continually growing and expanding the soundscape with the friction of their coexistence.

When the siren returns to the piece these instruments are removed or reduced dramatically. Considering the cymbal has a long decay, this scoring suggests the shorts decay of the castanets is acting as an articulation between the cymbal and the two bass drums that follow in the next bar, iojisation effect holding the elaborations together.

With bar thirty-eight being the start of virtualization it seems imperative that any decay from instruments is brought to an ionixation before this bar. As the texture varse there is a clear introduction of snare there is also a shaker of some description playing on the off beat, this is all brought to an ending by a sound acting as an effect. Judging by the way these were perceived in the Verticalization of textures, one would expect to hear the perception of a chord, however the quick playing ionisattion a very fast crescendo in the timbre of a roll, moving through the hearing register until being met with edgarc cymbal in the following texture.

Journal of Music Theory. A return to the metallic sonority from Texture I is accompanied by the use of the anvils that play in the fashion of a melody.