El paraquat se dirige fundamentalmente a los pulmones y genera allí radicales libres oxidantes; por eso, en los casos de intoxicación aguda está totalmente. Política de cookies. Utilizamos cookies propias y de terceros para mejorar nuestros servicios y mostrarle publicidad relacionada con sus preferencias mediante. RELATO DE CASO. Intoxicação grave por paraquat: achados clínicos e radiológicos em um sobrevivente. Fábio Fernandes NevesI; Romualdo Barroso SousaII;.

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envenenamiento por paraquat: Topics by

De novo assembly analysis producedtranscripts with an average length of We investigated the dependence of analytical performance of this method on the experimental conditions, such as the ion strength, medium pH, and so on. To determine whether selenium post-treatment activates GPx, decreases intoxicaciob injury, and improves survival in PQ intoxicated rats.

Paraquat is a nonselective contact herbicide of great toxicological importance, being associated with high mortality rates, mainly due to respiratory failure.

In individuals surviving the acute phase, pulmonary fibrosis develops. New alternatives are also presented and reviewed.

The modulation of the pro-oxidant and pro-inflammatory pathways, as well as the anti-thrombogenic properties of NaSAL are probably essential features for the healing effects provided by this drug. These results suggest that there may be multiple systems for the uptake of MGBG and polyamines and that paraquat is taken up by at least one but not by all of these systems. Studies of the occupational exposure of Malaysian plantation workers to paraquat.

However, no major differences in expression of these enzymes were evident between undifferentiated and differentiated cells. Immunohistochemical findings showed that CHOP immunoreactivity was significantly lower in the ulinastatin group than in the paraquat group.

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There is increasing support for the notion that genetic variation for lifespan, both within and between species, is correlated with variation in the efficiency of the free radical scavenging system and the ability intoxicaacion withstand oxidative stress.


Demographics, clinical presentation, and laboratory data were evaluated. Studies carried out on the occupational exposure to paraquat of plantation workers in Malaysia comprised quantitative estimates of dermal and respiratory exposure of knapsack spray operators, carriers, and rubber tappers operating under their normal working conditions.

Neuronal cell death induced by oxidative stress is correlated with numerous neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease ADParkinson’s disease PDand stroke. The mutant cells were also found to be pir to the toxicity of paraquat and intoxicadion have a reduced capability to take up the herbicide. Intoxicated subjects typically show progressive and fatal pulmonary haemorrhage, collapse and oedema.

The driver underlying iron accumulation remains unknown and could be genetic or environmental. Most poisonings occurred in spring and summer. These manuscripts contain updated topics with a major clinical or conceptual relevance in modern medicine. No single cause has been identified for these pzraquat losses, but rather multiple interacting factors are likely responsible such as pesticides, malnutrition, habitat loss, and pathogens.

Few studies have addressed brain damage after paraquat poisoning.

A cells and paaquat isolated mitochondria were divided int According to different period of poisoning, the 6 cases were divided into 3 stages: The clinical and tomographic follow-up evaluations performed at four months after discharge showed that there had been intoxxicacion clinical improvement.

A mixed solution of paraquat -maneb was administered twice a week by lavage at a dose of 10 or 15 mg kg -1 bodyweight containing 30 or 45 mg kg -1 bodyweight maneb, respectively from day 6 after pregnancy till ablactation. All of the patients ere managed with aggressive supportive treatment such as gastric lavage, forced diuresis, antioxidant agents and antifibrosis agents.


Ulinastatin suppresses endoplasmic reticulum stress and apoptosis in the hippocampus of rats with acute paraquat poisoning. El paciente fue mordido en el dedo medio de la mano izquierda, mostrando pronunciados signos locales de sangramiento por la impronta ocasionada por los dientes de la serpiente, edema y calor local.

If the objective is to evaluate the magnitude and sources of the problem, the following sampling methods can be used: The radiomimetic effect of paraquatalone and in combination with X-rays, was examined.

The changed responses of enzymes are frequently used as the biomarkers for indicating the relationship between toxicological effects and exposure levels. A comparison between CT signs and the pathological features of patients was made. The herbicide paraquat is associated with a high mortality rate. Relative changes in creatinine and CysC were monitored in serial blood and urine samples, and influences of non-renal factors were also studied.

Paraquatbut not maneb, induces synucleinopathy and tauopathy in striata of mice through inhibition of proteasomal and autophagic pathways. The severity of clinical manifestations between the two groups were analyzed with Student’s t test or Fisher’s exact test.

Numerous studies have proved that the concentration of serum PQ plays an important role in prognosis. A patient who developed an adult respiratory distress syndrome ARDS secondary to deliberate ingestion of paraquat is presented. The effects of paraquat in lungs are considered systemic effects.