In the Absence of the Sacred has ratings and 42 reviews. Without guilt trips or a lot of generalizations, author Jerry Mander highlights how so many tribes. In his bestseller, Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander argued that television is, by its very nature, a harmful technology. Editor’s note: I can’t recommend enough Jerry Mander’s book, In the Absence of the Sacred: The Failure of. Technology and the Survival of the Indian .

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In the case of nuclear energy, for example, it doesn’t matter who is in charge because the dangers inherent in the process are the same: It’s a criticism of the culture we’ve created. Here you find discrimination trying to get our needs met with city and state systems, because the Indian community doesn’t have group strength.

I did not get the impression that Mander wanted us all to return to loin cloths and some mythological pre-industrial Eden. The only conclusion you can draw is that Mander thinks the fight is between poor, defenseless, “pure” traditional peoples and the government and corporations. The European group wanted to take over the land that the tribe was on.

Very dishonorable way to behave. Although the main problem is that those who are in power have thr much more power and more money than those who are trying to resist it. Oct 01, Lindsay rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Toffler recommended something similar in “Future Shock. I acquired this book at one of those delightful moments provided by a friend of mine. But while this would have improved the reading experience, the value of the criticism is the same. I’ve lived here for almost forty years, so this is my home, but I am from Standing Rock, and saccred is my daughter To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


This time around it seemed like he had his views and then collected whatever data, anecdote or part of a conversation that backed up his view. Oct 25, Shawn Sorensen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Read 4 Arguments for the Elimination of Television 1st. Yes money is made, perhaps mountains of money.

‘In the Absence of the Sacred’ by Jerry Mander :: A Book Review by Scott London

Be the first to ask a question about In the Absence of the Sacred. The only other thing he said that sounded totally wrong to me was a line about beaver hunting where he claims beavers can be caught from a single lodge. People who wish to live within the confines of the planet’s organic limits, and who are not committed to a constantly expanding economy, or to seeking control of resources or land, do not need satellites to map resources.

An ideology of savagery. There are some small victories related by today’s native Americans but they seem so small compared to the way the world works, I just don’t see what the point of the book is.

Along with Kirkpatrick Sale and Vandana Shiva, Mander argues that the only way forward for land-based peoples is to live the simple life that their ancestors lived.

Open Preview See a Problem? Instead of dealing with the consequences after that fact; try to anticipate the consequence before hand and weigh the benefits of a particular development or technology against its true costs.


Certainly not in a society of late-stage capitalism where regulation is out the window and profit-driven corporations run the show. I grew up in Yonkers, New York. It encompasses so many things — all the things that make up our living during this time on this planet: Private enterprise does not represent an alternative “life-style” to that of traditional society that one can accept or reject as a matter of taste, like sugar in one’s coffee.

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Will humans ever be mature enough to have power but not use it, or to carefully control how we use it? But, the wa I think I read this book 20 plus years ago, and I think I liked it then. Or is it something more sinister? The Great Law, which was oral, served as its constitution.

In the Absence of the Sacred takes this argument a step further by examining our relationship to technology as a whole. He never discusses Weber’s idea of disenchantment, for example, which one would expect to be featured here. They are a coordinated effort on the part of the western market economy to take by force resources, nature, and the lifeblood of the native people, moving them around like cattle, leaving them to die after laying waste to their societies, or just slaughtering them en masse.

Nature doesn’t love us and it will tne us out if we overstay our welcome. Throughout the book Mander addresses some of the beliefs and customs of various aboriginal peoples around the world. In sum, this is a provocative book that pulls back the curtain on a great deal of injustice, inhumanity, and thoughtless action in the name of progress.