Most widely held works by Marek L Kowalski. Reactions to aspirin and other non- steroidal Immunologia kliniczna(Book) 1 edition published in in Polish. Lech Pokoca. Medical University of Łódź | UMED · Zakład Patofizjologii i Immunologii Klinicznej. Contact. about Krzysztof Kowalski. University of Lodz. Zakład Patofizjologii i Immunologii Klinicznej; Lodz, Poland. Position. Head of Department. Network Jan Kowalski · [object Object]. Piotr Kaczmarek; [ ].

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The structure and the role of the immune system — lymphatic organs. Characteristics of lymphatic cells. The natural immunity and her meaning to the organism. The process of the phagocytosis and its meaning. Immune response of the humoral type. Immune response of the cellular type.

Resistance to bacterial, viral, parasitic infections. Vaccines and their role in the immumologia resistance. Characteristics of hypersensitivity reactions of the organism. Immune response to cancers. Ethics of studies immunologiz animals. Immune sera and antibodies in the preparation of biological materials in the diagnostics of contagious and non contagious infectious diseases, cancers, in transplantology, control of the food. Preparation of antisera against the cellular bacteria, erythrocytes, leukocytes and soluble antigens proteins, polysaccharides.


Antisera – application in practice and science. Evaluation of the activity of antisera by ring precipitation and gel immunodiffusion. Electrophoretic techniques in the diagnostics of immune deficiencies and preparation of biological materials. Immunoelectrophoresis of serum proteins qualitative test. Quantitative determination of antigens and antibodies. Determination of blood groups. Their importance in transfusiology, judiciary, determination of the causes and prevention of pathologic pregnancy.

Determination of ABO and Rh groups, detection complete and incomplete antibodies, the identification of immuhologia. Immunologia kliniczna Clinical immunologyMediton. III z r ewentualnie wyd.

II z r. Immunologia, PWN, Warszawa 5. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:. Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection. Theoretical knowledge Student – characterizes the structure and function of the human immune system: Practical knowledge Student – uses the basic techniques and research tools of modern immunology and biotechnology: Social competence Student – works in group projects playing different roles and respecting the work of others: Informative lecture with the klinczna of problem lecture; practicals — laboratory work.

Presentation of the knowledge in the construction and functioning of the human immune system, the relations between its constituents and the external environment, drawing attention to the practical aspects of the presented messages of health prevention and diagnosis Preliminary requirements: The role of the immune system.


The lymphatic system, development of immune cells.

Immunology – University of Łódź

Central thymus, bone marrow and peripheral lymph nodes, spleen lymphoid organs — structure and functions. Distribution of antigens in the body. Defense mechanisms within the gates of the infection.

Natural microflora — role in immunity. Humoral primary and secondary antibody response. Klinicna control of antibody synthesis.

Monoclonal antibodies and their use in practice, Basic knowledge on vaccines and preventive vaccinations. Active and passive humoral immunity.

Granulocytes, macrophages – properties, functions. Complement – activation, role in the immunity and pathological reactions.

[Progress in understanding genetics of allergy and asthma].

B lymphocytes, development, activation. Major Histocompatibility Complex, MHC antigens, encoding, function in transplantology and antigen presentation. T lymphocytes and cellular acquired immune response. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight immjnologia available in the USOSweb system: You are not logged in log in.