Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein This is a truly unique book, and a great one . It astonished me to read some of the negative reviews on. Documents Similar To Ace On The River (Barry Greenstein).pdf. Kill Everyone. Uploaded by. Andrei Darie. Uploaded . So, Barry Greenstein gives me a copy of his new book “Ace on the River” and I read it by the pool during the World Series of Poker. Seemed.

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Mar 18, Cody Steele rated it it was ok.

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Gotta toss it in here; Barry got the nickname “Robinhood of Poker” for good reason and he seems like a great guy who truly does give back to those in need, so for that reason, I’ll rver it 2 stars instead of one.

Barry Greenstein – Ace on the River: An Advanced Poker Guide | PokerNews

Refresh and try again. Home Greensein Ace on the River: One thing I have treenstein problem with is Greenstein’s statement that “it’s important to prevent the catalysts in the game” – big losers with lots of money or aec who give action – “from destroying themselves.

Aug 29, Raphael Clayette rated it it was amazing Shelves: No other book out there gives as much insight into the unique situation that a professional poker player finds himself in. Greenstein, of course, has rebounded well enough to be in a position to give his tournament winnings to charity because he has become a winning player in the big game with Doyle, Chip and them, but the early parts of his story explain the financial and psychological vagaries of poker.


I didn’t anticipate the growth and expense of tournament poker,” he said.

The line-up of this show featured 6 of the best poker players in the world, who also Poker Guide appened to be poker book authors. Thanks for being on my mailing list! From the beginning of until the middle ofBarry Greenstein won seven poker tournaments and came in second five times, including winning a World Poker Tour event and a World Series of Poker bracelet.

He studied for a PhD in mathematics, but never defended his completed dissertation. Barry Greenstein, and people like him, are literally one in a million, and when he speaks, you should listen. The layout of the No-Limit Hold’em tournament hands is a great way to learn how the pros think their ways through hands, and for a man as self-confident as Greenstein some would say egotistical give him this: The strategy section is good, however Ace on the River stands out for its coverage of the many other aspects of poker life.

Greenstein has two children and four stepchildren, and he resides in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

Barry Greenstein

The unique you-make-the-call-play by play section will challenge the reader again and again. Barry hands a signed copy of his book to every player that kicks him out of a tournament.

As an added bonus, the book has lots of great color pictures of actual casinos and poker rooms. I’ve read several poker strategy books already, so I think I was ready for one like this.


The second part includes a chapter about poker etiquette. From choosing what limits to play to keeping your sexlife on track in the chapter ‘Poker and Sexuality’.

An Advanced Poker Guide’. Greenstein offers a personality assessment test so the reader greensteun determine whether he or she has the appropriate character qualities to become a good poker player.

Ace on the River : Book Review

Primarily a book about the mindset you should have when playing and thinking about poker, rather than a book about specific poker strategy. Learn how to read and understand some verbal poker tells with this free, 4-part poker tells course.

A pretty interesting read – not actually that much about specific poker strategies, but more an idea of what it’s like to be a poker pro and what you would be concerned about if you were one. The best sections in terms of improving your game are definitely the exhaustive drawing odds charts and discussion, and the sections where Greenstein invites the reader to analyse real tournament hands he has played and establish best play, then compare it to what actually rvier.

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He also plays online at PokerStarsunder the alias “barryg1” and is a member of the cardroom ‘s Team PokerStars. Good for getting your mind back in the game and helping you figure out how to think about your opponents and their possible hands.