Gary Orren is a political science professor at Harvard Kennedy School Of Government in Cambridge, MA. Review Gary Orren’s ratings by students and parents. by Orren, Gary R. and Nelson W. Polsby, Editors and Lots of Data Tables & Charts. Currently unavailable. Product Details. Find new ideas and classic advice on strategy, innovation and leadership, for global leaders from the world’s best business and management experts.

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Gary Orren

Preachers do it every Sunday. Persuasion is too easy. Gady forget the uncommitted: Aligning the key elements. Similarity and Empathy We are more likely to be influenced by people we know and like.

Recommendations conveys objectivity, honesty 2. Recall and number of points in the argument.

Gary Orren at Harvard Kennedy School Of Government –

Rather, people can make marginal improvements in their persuasion skills. The art of persuasion. Couch your persuasion argument in terms of what an audience orrne to lose, not just in terms of the anticipated benefits since loss appears to be a more motivating concept lrren gain.

The strengthening of the commitment, intellectual performance, and morale of those already on your side is gwry essential task, both in order to bind them more securely to the cause and to make them more effective exponents of it. Both are often powerful and persuasive ways of bringing a point home, particularly when the analogy links the subject at issue to the personal experience of the audience.


Kennedy School of Government Harvard University. Pay great attention to the agenda of the debate. Agry his free time, Gary enjoys string instruments—playing some violin, guitar, banjo, and ukulele and playing with others a tennis racket. Either you frame your issue, or you get framed. Four types of attitude change Be very careful in your use of examples and historical analogies. The Art of Argument.

Who are similar to us Similarity Principle 2. Acknowledge the speaker’s concerns, strengths, feelings, efforts.

Gary Orren – IMDb

When They Go Wrong: Effective but unlikable leaders: Good body language e. When explaining our own behavior We tend to overestimate situational causes and underestimate dispositional causes. Professor of Politics and Leadership at Harvard University where he has taught for the past 48 years. However with sustained practice most of us can improve our persuasion skills, and that may be decisive. Success in adult life professional and personal probably depends more on persuasion skills than on native intelligence.

Engineering Communication The Power of Persuasion “Technical ability is obviously crucial to success in an engineering career. In any polemical exchange, make sure that you know several times more about a topic than you can conceivably use or show. Who else can speak for me or my cause? Who have cooperated with us for common goals. Do ordinary people do much public speaking? When bolstering the authority of what you are saying by the use of quotation, give preference whenever possible to sources which are not identified yary your case.


Methods of Persuasion Retention by my students: But ggary should generally be economical in the use of analogies, choose carefully, and be well armed to develop and defend the ones you choose. Small initial commitments foot in the door can be leveraged into much larger commitments.

Be aware that, at least potentially, you are addressing multiple audiences.

Be prepared to go around the block many times. Represent an intrinsic reality, have credibility. Is there a genuine similarity between me and my audience? Info for the Media b.

Capture attention and engage the mind.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Orreb. Logos, ethos, pathos, agora, and syzygy 2. Who do we like? We tend to assume that conversion is always our goal.

Especially if I am not well known to the audience: On leave from Harvard, he worked for three years at City Year, the premier youth service program in the U. But of equal importance.

Be an active listener. Share buttons are a little bit lower. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.