Let Fonzi take over from here, from an article he wrote for Gold Coast in The Last Investigation. By Gaeton Fonzi. The title of my book, “The Last. Gaeton Fonzi’s masterful retelling of his work investigating the Kennedy assassination for two Congressional committees is required reading for students of the. Fonzi, an investigative journalist who acted as an investigator for the House The Last Investigation: Gaeton Fonzi, Former Federal Investigator Breaks His Oath.

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According to one source, Artime was also then involved ln a Castro assassination plot with his close friend and Miami neighbor, E.

A number of the reviewers stated that this book by Fonzi was one of the best on the subject. Aside from his specific requests to check out certain leads which had come to him, Senator Schweiker laid down no investigative ground rules when he hired me as a staff investigator.

The men were standing in the vestibule just inside the small front porch.

Destitute and alone, she began having emotional problems. He was in Guatemala when assassination teams investigaion through the country to bolster the reign of the military. The guys on the Intelligence Committee staff played everything very close to the vest. He also worked in the infamous Phoenix Program in Vietnam. He remained very credible.

An excellent read for an inquiring mind. The report says this: As did almost every other reporter in Dallas, Kantor knew Jack Ruby, a character ageton liked to hang around police headquarters and newspaper offices.


The Last Investigation” by Gaeton Fonzi

He then uses this to describe the background and activities of that particular Cuban exile group. Howard Hunt to inject himself into ofnzi labyrinthine world of Cuban exile politics in Miami.

Despite the fact that none of the groups had been formed without the help of the CIA, that they had all long operated successfully with the supervisory support and funding of the CIA, the Agency denied it had any association at all with their continuing actions. Gaeton Fonzi has an exceptional background. Oct 05, G.

Kennedys And King – Gaeton Fonzi, The Last Investigation

As I noted in my review of Jefferson Morley’s book, according to Eddie Lopez, Helms was insufferably arrogant when called as a witness. Joseph Green rated it it was amazing Aug 29, Later the Brotherhood would turn into an underworld organization deeply involved in drug trade and considered much more effective and dangerous than its Sicilian counterpart, the Mafia.

It is still very much with her after all these years. I would later discover, however,-that photo comparison and analysis is an exceptionally non-conclusive technique. Granted it may not be the real world, but it’s the world in which we have to live.

The Last Investigation

Fonzi is a first class field investigator. So they were allowed to set up a sub-committee to investigate the reaction of the FBI and CIA to the assassination and how this impacted the Warren Commission.

I could not get any hard substantiation of any point, yet I kept getting a few tantalizingly vague confirmations that drove me to dig deeper.

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In my opinion, every person who does not have Gaeton Fonzi’s The Last Investigation, should buy the reissue. My attention was drawn to Lucien Conein, for instance, when I discovered his relationship with E.

I recall Deputy Chief Counsel Ken Klein wandering into my office shaking his head shortly after hie read it. I might have to put the word through my contacts in Little Havana, start the tedious core of combing through public records, spending days on the telephone or in the street sniffing for his trail, pull out all the research sources I could muster.

Although 18 government agencies dealt with handling exile reception, the CIA had its contacts into every one, including the mother agency, the Cuban Refugee Center. But I was certain gaaeton to be involved in the assassination of an American President, for Christsakes! Even before I met Silvia and Annie Odio and had the, opportunity to evaluate their credibility, in reviewing all the FBI documents and the Warren Commission records of the Odio incident, I was especially intrigued by two aspects of it: That night he talked effusively, chain-smoking ant drinking Coke.

As he explains, it turned out to be anything but an investigation.