Comment le web change le monde. Dominique Piotet Francis Pisani. Published by VILLAGE MONDIAL (). ISBN ISBN To Our French Readers: L’Atelier’s “Comment le web change le monde” is publishing Dominique Piotet and Francis Pisani’s great introduction to Web According to Piotet and Pisani, we live in a new world of dynamic relationships Comment le web change le monde: L’alchimie des multitudes, Francis Pisani.

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Here too, the shape has changed, but we read more and more.

In fact, I consider that it is not really relevant to speak of the death of something. According to you, what are the techno-logical and social spheres in which the transforming elements of the future will rise?

I am going to respond in a convoluted manner. Another particularly demanding situation is that of the traditional news media which have lost their former authority as readers have become news commentators and producers. One, I read a latent assumption or judgment about Silicon Valley somehow not being about social change when it innovates.

On a different level, companies will soon exist “in the clouds”. Following this logic, we’re only halfway through the current cycle.


Francis Pisani (Author of Comment le web change le monde)

When new technologies reach the final third of humanity, they adjust, innovate and l. Nevertheless, this space is neither good nor bad, nor neutral, to use a wellknown formula.

Do androids dream about media art? The former tendency was clear-cut, it was one thing or another, whilst philosophy has demonstrated the opposite for a long time. These are two characteristics found in China and India. However, far from agreeing with the detractors of the Internet who like to jeer about the “stupidity of the crowds”, the authors point out that many exchanges do not enrich the general conversation.

We are all actors on the web and this is changing t. Chnge think we can try to work over a 2 to 3 years span.

Finally, HP, the world leader in PC production, wants to separate from its computers production unit. Alchemy because pooling many minds together can sometimes create gold, though not always. In a nutshell, forms disappear and things are transformed.

Second, your plans on a global “social change” tour are fascinating and timely. To answer this, we must go and see. But technology did not do the revolution per se.

Centre de ressource et de formation des SGDF, c’est le lieu About Us Contact Advertise Subscribe. De cette catastrophe inti The question Dominique and I are asking is precisely this: You can once more take the examples of Tunisia and Egypt.


Describing the state of affairs weh many examples is one thing and a very weg one, particularly for their French readers who might not be as close to the cutting-edge Silicon Valley.

It’s going to discuss primarily concerning the previously mentione. Politique, just in case you didn’t. By Isabelle Boucq Comment le web change le monde: Digitalarti media is published by Digitalarti. Frandis this recognition is reflected in a paradoxical manner: I am currently writing a short article entitled La mort existe-t-elle vrai-ment?

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But, the mere existence of such a failure creates spaces in which fancis can act to initiate social changes we view as positive. On the occasion of the conference “Du web 2. But Piotet and Pisani also want to explain the implications both for us as individuals and for companies. It is important to educate people, to initiate a public debate.