Background: When released, the FR-A/A offered unmatched functionality and reliability Please confirm all specifications with the applicable manuals. Thank you for choosing the Mitsubishi Inverter. This instruction manual gives handling informalion and precautions for use of this equipment. fr-ak manual Related manual: sgdhae manual, lenze highline manual, elau mc 4 manual, Mitsubishi FREQROL-A / A Manual (pdf).

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Do not lift he inverter with the front cover attached. I f power is OH, do not remove the front cover except for wiring or periodic inspection. Improperinstallationmayshortenthesetvicelite or degradetheperformanceofthe inverter. With the FR-ARW03 it is possible to read the inverter parameters set for individual applications collectively and to copy them to other inverters.

Use terminal 10 U internal power supply is used. Download Freqrol a manualInformation: For details, refer to page to Injury PreventionALApply only the voltage specified in the instruction manual to each terminal to prevent damage, etc.

Installation L d o n The service Iile of me inverter is influenced by temperature. Places exposed to corrosive gas. Terminal blockArrangement of fr-x024. Ambient temperature f-ra024 be held Whin the specified l m i k adequate heat dissipation. Freqrol a manual Link: Use manial connection cable available as an optional accessory to the parameter unit.

A024/A044 Drives

Mitsubishi Freqrol A Inverter freqrol a user’s guide service manual mitsubishi freqrol a Therelore, h m reroving the front cover, use caUtion not to damage the- However, even in the external or conbination operation mode, writing is possible for the following parameters. Contact Mitsubishi if the parameters are copied by mistake.

  ATW-2129 A PDF

Manual Freqrol A Mitsubishi – Ima searching for a book Manual freqrol a mitsubishi in pdf form, then you have come on to the right website. Points where ambient temperature is measuredPlaces subject to vibration. Mitsubishi Freqrol A Inverter a Mitsubishi freqrol a inverter manual, I1 frequency setting must be changed frequently, it is recommended to use 2 W.

Mitsubishi Freqrol A Manual freqrol a manual III 2 Removetheclamp screwfrom theparameterunit Then, remove the parameter unit from the inverter.

InverterU JIttakesmorethan 60 sec for discharge of the internal capacitor after disconnecting power supply. Any person who is involved in the wiring or inspection of this equipment should be fully competent to do the work. This instruction manual gives handling informalion and Documents.

However, writing is possible for the following parameters while the motor is running. Do no1 operate a the inverter is damaged or has parts missing. Thank you for choosing the Mitsubishi Inverter. Changing from the extanal opmtion mock to the PU operation mod.: New version has the same or higher number.

In this state, there is no needto press the operation mode selection key to select the PU operation mode aiter turning ON power. Always install the inverter before wiring. Switch off the start signal when resetting the manhal. For emergency stop, another circuit must be used.


Followthestepsindicated below to remove it from the inverter. Never short circuit or connect anything other than the brake resistor across these terminals.

Mitsubishi Freqrol FR A Manual

If any of these equipments is connected to the output side of the inverter, it will damage the insupverterordamagethecapacitororsurge pressor. While power is on or for some time after power-off, do not touch the inverter or brake resistor as these will be not and you may be burned.

Do not drop the inverter, or subject mabual to impacts. Themaximumnumber of digitsfor a value to be input is 4.

Groundingterminals Configuration of theterminal block variesdependingontheinverter capaclty. Handle the Inverter carefully; refer to the description and caution information provided in this manual. You may get an electric shock. Two SD terminals are internally connected.

A speed reference signal is also required for motor rotation. Use the guide pin and guide slot to determine the correct connector orientation. Published on Nov View Download 5. Otherwise, you may get an electrr.