Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension, Grade 3 $ Scholastic Success with Reading Comprehension, Grade 3. Evan-Moor Daily Math Practice, Grade 3 – Teacher’s Edition, : Daily Reading Comprenesion, Grade 2 (Daily Reading Comprehension) (): Evan Moor: Books. Developed to correlate with current standards, these reading comprehension workbooks are well laid out and easy to use. Each book contains 30 weekly units .

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I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review. As a family of books worms, reading is a huge part of our school day. We start every day with a read aloud, have a book based history and geography curriculum, and the kids read for an hour to themselves every day!

With that being said, we havent really implemented any sort of formal reading comprehension assessment! Reading Comprehension Fundamentals is designed to be used in conjunction with Daily Reading Comprehension.

Reading Comprehension Fundamentals is organized into 35 units that aim to work on a specific reading skill, text structure, reading strategy, or genre.

The book is organized into 4 main units:. The book can be used to supplement your current curriculum, can be used as a way to reinforce concepts that your students may be struggling with, or a core reading resource. We have been using Reading Comprehension Fundamentals as a way to reinforce concepts with my daughter, but I honestly think that it would make an amazing guideline to plan lessons out of.

So, what topics can you expect to be covered in Reading Comprehension Compregension I comprehensioon so impressed by the wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction items that are covered.

Here is a photo from the Table of Contents that shows you how things are organized and what topics you can expect. I LOVE that it includes genre study because that is something we will be learning about a lot this year. I am really pleased with Reading Comprehension Fundamentals! I think it is a very well thought out, well put together, comprehensive book that comptehension easily be used to supplement your current reading curriculum, reinforce areas where your student needs extra help, or even as a jumping off point for planning your own curriculum!

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My daughter thought that the reading passages were very interesting! She comprehensoin especially impressed at the presence of some Greek topics…her favorite subject. Since beginning to use this book comprhension is always coming to us to share some new facts or information!

Daily Reading Comprehension, Grade 5

I am so thankful that the topics included are interesting and presented in such a way that she is not only retaining the information…but she is actually interested in what she is reading! Such a huge plus for this homeschool Mama!!

We love cojprehension there is an answer key provided at the back.

Really helped my daughter to be able to check her work! We do wish that the book had a glossary at the back to aid in looking up terms, comprehensiln each term is extremely well defined at the top of the page in their specific section.

I also like that the definition is repeated at the top of the page several times throughout each unit…really reinforces the subject for the student! The last thing I want to mention is both a pro and a con depending on where you are coming from. The book is black and white which is wonderful if you are using it for more than one child and want to make copies! There are some photos that I think would pop more if they were in color…but I do realize that for classroom teachers and homeschoolers using the book for multiple children, being in color would be impractical.

As with all of the other products we have tried from Evan-Moor, I highly recommend adding this one to your homeschool. Check out my post on Skill Sharpeners Geography Grade 4! In addition to Reading Comprehension Fundamentals, you can find Language Fundamentals I have a blog post in the works! Homeschool By The Beach Exploring education through books, art, and adventure.


The book is organized into 4 main units: Comprehension Activities for Nonfiction Texts Nonfiction Genre Study Comprehension Activities for Fiction Texts Fiction Genre Study The book can be used to supplement molr current curriculum, can be used as a vean to reinforce concepts that your students may be struggling with, or a core reading resource. Instructional Activity Page- each unit will contain one or two instructional activity pages.

Daily Reading Comprehension Grade 3 by Evan Moor | eBay

These pages will teach a specific concept or skill and will allow the students to respond in a variety of formats…some of which include multiple choice, open-ended items, and constructed responses. Text Selection- The texts selections will be either Fiction or Non-Fiction depending on comprebension section they are included in. They are written to complement the specific skill being taught.

Text-Based Activity Page- similar to the Instructional Activity Page, this page will allow the students to respond in numerous different ways. This page will have text to read that corresponds to the specific skill being taught. Unit Review- I love that each unit will end with a review.

This is such a great tool to assess the students mastery of the specific topic or rule. Here are some sample pages from a unit on Vocabulary!

We love the combo of multiple choice and open ended questions. The second page offers more tips on vocabulary as well as an additional reading passage and questions. My daughter really loved the large reading passages. She found the topics so interesting and was so excited comprehemsion share her new copmrehension with us. The reviews are an awesome assessment tool and a great way to have the student show what they have learned!

Answer key is in the back as well! Please follow and like us: