Used Electrovoice – E/V EV T PLUS PAIR Speaker Cabinet. What would be better for a bar band, 4 to 5 piece, country-blues-rock, 3 vocals, miking drums-guitars-bass? system A) 1 EV QRX/over 1 EV. Buy used T+ Cabinet Speakers by Electro-Voice. (1) EV DX T+. Dualinch two-way speaker with watts continuous, 3, watts peak.

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The is looking like the solution. If i have to upgrade im probably going to purchase 6 of th xm15 x array wedges. Don’t under-estimate the power of the EV t boxes.

ev sound system. Junk??

The mains decision is a little tougher, mostly because I don’t really like either one of those cabinets. Once I bought the boxes and bypassed the passive xovers, I loved them even more. The cabinets that I’ve heard in the past, both mackie and eaw, were really clean, but didn’t make the drums sound very thunderous.

Logged yamvca Jim Gould Sr. Login or Sign Up. The QRx met my needs and I like its sound. They do get pretty loud though, I’ll give them that.

Of the two, the would be the better choice, as the dual 15 cabinet will have a tendancy dv muddy up your sound, and they work best in situations without subs. I am thinking that the band managers will buy into everything eccept maybe the wedges. My eyes were also looking at the mtl1-x box, but I’d be worried that it would require too large of a room for the sound wave to develop properly.


For the amount you have invested it is not that much more to be able to do bi amped monitors as that is what it is going to take for you to move up in the pecking order. Maybe Dan will chime in with his thoughts. We are not biamping them. What has happened is last year we were a very sucessfull dj company sv hired a good sound engineer we are growing so tt252 that we barley get a system together before we tt252 it.

I think EV calls it “manifold” technology, but it isn’t a horn and it works just fine in tight clubs.

EV T or QRX | Harmony Central

The last guy in there had home made wedges with peavey 15’s and 22xt’s. Can you tell me your thought process behind this? I put it together myself about 10 years ago, Speakers Selling a watt eb system worth reason selling cheap is because I cant have it. I eventually went back to passive because I was doing college bars, and I needed more rigs and not higher quality rigs.


A bit smaller and lighter. Thank you for the response.

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Get these mutts away from me. But if those are actually your only t22 choices, I think the is the better option. You need to figure out what makes more sense to your operation. No one has complained about using them, how they sound or not enough power. Some went with Mackie powered boxes using them as wedges and some went with Peavey Impulse used as wedges.

Dont get me wrong Steve Dohoney Newbie Offline Posts: As Adam mentioned the QRX will supply plenty of T2252 gas, and the will be IMO sonicly alot better than a dual 12″ and it will throw further too. That’s an easy decision.

Others may find something else that meets end requirements.