New York Times Bestseller From the author of Not My Daughter comes the story of Emily Aulenbach, an idealistic young lawyer who once dreamed of. In her luminous new novel, Barbara Delinsky explores every woman’s desire to abandon the endless obligations of work and marriage – and the idea that the. A corporate attorney leaves her Manhattan cubicle for a small New Hampshire town, where she faces an agonizing choice.

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She leaves a yb for husband simply saying she needs a break. So it can happen and does and after that I could relate to the character and the story. From the Hardcover edition. Emily has received sporadic dispatches from Jude, the last from a crab boat in the Bering Sea.

Alas, my bank account cannot manage an escape such as Emily’s and I’m back home after a short, very short, sojourn. It wasn’t horribly written. I don’t think that was a very good idea. She knows this town. However, in a sudden realization, Emily runs home and packs up her bag, grabs the car, and races out of the city with the urgent need to escape.

An excellent “get away” book when you can’t take off yourself. Baarbara Friday morning, New York lawyer Emily suddenly comes to realise that somewhere in her I was given the very exciting opportunity to review ‘Escape’. Delinsky, this book was just not my cup of tea.


Emily disappeared from her life and stayed gone for ten years. I think it was deliinsky I really disliked the main character and found her to be self-centered and whiny. While Emily wanted to represent the disenfranchised when she entered law school. She feels lost and forgotten – don’t we all sometimes? Downloaded this to my Kindle for a trip, expecting a lighter read.

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I will say that I really adored her husband, James. There are no time constraints, no pressures, Today at 5AM I dropped my significant other off at his work. Her parents are thrilled.

Yep, just ups and leaves her husband and job. Then I found myself thinking, “am I supposed to be feeling like Emily when she realized how quiet life can be and she was contemplating what to do with her life? I know, because I live in a non-fictional town in the backwoods of N.

Anyone who lives in N. This is where the narbara really goes into legal thriller as she helps Lee defend herself against evil relatives in order to keep an inheritance.

Detailed Review Summary of Escape by Barbara Delinsky

If you could walk out on your life, what would you do and where would you go? I liked that Emily would not go back to James until she was ready.

badbara I should write more, but I get tired thinking about it. The cast of characters include unscrupulous lawyers, bastard swindlers, a meek baker, an old best friend, an overbearing matriarch, and a wonderful husband James. The characters weren’t horrible. For a while I imagined just driving and driving, stopping in new ezcape even revisiting old places, getting a room, checking in relaxing, walking, exploring, visiting.


To ask other readers questions about Escapeplease sign up. And there was constant reference to her sleeping in the garden shed. You can’t help finding yourself cheering on Emily and James in hopes that they can make it.

I also found the coyote connection to be utterly ridiculous But New York hasn’t been kind to Emily.

Well, this one’s not doing it for me. It started strong, and quickly fithered my word into just an barbaar read The responsible person in me thought Emily was nuts but let’s face it, this could make for a great story. She goes home, grabs a bag and off she goes, ending up in a town where she spent a very memorable summer.

An improbable subplot involving Red Fox employee Lee, defrauded of her inheritance, is intended to inject thrills but falls far short of replacing the more essential conflicts Delinsky simply ducks.

Leaving her job is one thing, but leaving the husband she loves? Sep 04, Bargara rated it really liked it Shelves: