ENRAF-NONIUS ATG Interface. Tank Gauging Protocols Manual. ENRAF INTRODUCTION. The interface between BBI’s Network // Honeywell Enraf ATG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honeywell Enraf ATG Installation Manual. Honeywell Enraf series ATG servo gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level MB; Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge ATG Manual.

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This information can be displayed on the internal msnual, the Portable Enraf Terminal PET as well as on remote systems. The instrument is suitable for flammable liquids refer to the explosion proof certification data below. If applicable close the ball valve and release the pressure gently. Mankal reliable, versatile and Normally, it is adjusted in the factory for viewing horizontally. The software for the density measurement is available as an option.

Please retain them with your proof of purchase.

Instruction manual series 854 ATG level gauge

The following items contain the error codes of the processor boards: There are several numbers engraved on the measuring drum. EX Exit Exit protection level and go back to operational mode. Attach amnual small weight on the wire to keep it positioned in the groove. In dip mode, the displacer is mankal above the product over the dip height distance DH.


Unscrew and remove the four screws securing the back-plane frame, then remove the back-plane frame.

Honeywell Enraf 854 ATG Manuals

Open electronic compartment of the gauge. This results in a stable and accurate averaged level measurement. Page 20 Commissioning 3.

The displacer will now move down till it reaches the level. The shaft of the drum is connected to the stepper motor via a magnetic coupling. It is recommended to read this description manuual to performing any of the procedures.

Instruction manual series ATG level gauge

A description preceding the technical procedures gives the technical information necessary to understand its functioning.

The high and low mqnual alarms are innage alarms. Use the following procedure for calibration. If this second try also fails, a third and final attempt is made.

Honeywell Enraf ATG Manuals

Check motor and reference encoder excessive oil? When the measured displacer weight is too far out of range, the gauge is probably not levelled within 2. A standard 90 mm carbon teflon displacer is used and the drum ahg is It is marked with ‘A’ in figure 6. No other command may interfere in this sequence.

If initializing of all processors is successful, the display will switch to its default display format, which is programmable with item DF. Use the same procedure for locking the motor block if the ATG needs to be removed. Bytes 0, maunal and 2 are bit coded with information about the level alarms, operational mode and general status.


HCU board to interface optional equipment as: Page 30 Operation 4.

The shaft of the drum is connected to the stepper motor via a magnetic coupling. Do not damage the measuring wire. These switches can be operated by holding a magnet in front of them not the test magnet!

High high level alarm set point. The design of the ATG is such that it makes replacement and manuak simple. The manial display formats are: After closing the covers, do not forget to place the blocking devices. When connected to an CIU, please note that the CIU has three highways, containing the following transmission addresses: Place shark rings between flange and strip figure 4.

Alternatively, and for the XPU-2 the only, the following procedure can be used: