The Symmetrix system is Dell EMC’s enterprise storage array. It was the flagship product of EMC in the s and s. Symmetrix Basic Handbook V Legend Fan PSE Lab Shanghai 1 EMC Symmetrix, 20 Years in the making. This session gives an overview of the EMC Symmetrix VMAC enterprise Basic EMC DMX/V-Max Design Assumptions • Large SMP-like.

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Port flags are set on an initiator group basis, with one set symnetrix port flags applying to all initiators in the group. In this section, we will talk about some facts on Symmetrix products as it relates to its features, characteristics, Enginuity microcode versions, model numbers, year released, etc.

EMC Community Network – DECN: Free Symmetrix Fundamentals e-Learning

Prepare EMC structures 1. Masking view is a container of a storage group, a port group, and badics initiator group. This is probably the most common way of running Timefinder. Email required Address never made public. Not Applicable Access speed: VCMDB is a relatively small device that is created on the Symmetrix system that allows for hosts access to various devices on the Symmetrix.

If you want to ensure that the data is replicated real time without dirty tracks from one symmetrix to the other, you might want to enable Domino effect.

Single cabinet, 96 drives, rebrandednon lvd frame Symmetrix There are s number of splits hyper per physical device. Used for remote monitoring, call home, diagnostics and configuration purposes.

Again use —h for a synopsis of the command syntax. It seems like a lot of users are searching on blog posts about this information. Triple cabinet, drives, rebrandednon lvd frame Symmetrix LVD: Terms to be Known: One PDU per zone, 2 in total. Some important things to consider with Permanent Spares 1. The advantage is that the split operation will happen almost instantly as the mirrors are wmc synced all the time.


Cache Only Virtual Device The last code version for the Symm 5. Splits the pair during establish or restore operations; invalid tracks may exist. The Enginuity Code was developed internally at EMC and so far to my knowledge not outsourced anywhere for development purposes.

Following are the criteria for Permanent Spares. During this process, the scripts verify that the customer configurations are valid and gasics perform the changes and make the new configuration active. Very highly recommend, never attempt to administer your Symmetrix system with an iPhone or a Blackberry.

Incremental establishes after splits happen in 3 seconds compared to 6 secs with previous generations 9. Open Systems support, single cabinet, 5.

The Timefinder Strategies are as follows 1. Restore copies data from BCV back to standard pair. Symmetrix File System is an EMC IP and practically only used within the Symmetrix environment for housekeeping, security, access control, stats collection, performance data, algorithm selection, etc.

Verify results and change back to synchronous mode. The Symmetrix Management Console was developed back in the day as a GUI to view customers Symmetrix DMX environment, over years it has evolved more to be a functional and operational tool to interface the machine for data gathering but also to perform changes.

Port Group may contain any number of valid front end ports, FAs. HKxxxx The DMX Serial numbers still need more research because its hard to find a trend with the numbering convention on it.

Symmetrix V-Max Enginuity Code: EMC takes those 8 bytes — of calculation for data integrity TDIF standard proposal and writes it in blocks or chunks of 64K through out the entire drive causing performance degradation. You are commenting using your Twitter account.


EMC Symmetrix and VMAX

Use symmir query to monitor progress. BIN is loaded to all the frontend directors, backend directors, including the global cache. In the previous generation of Symmetrix systems, an exact match speed, size, block size was required with Dynamic hot spares. Notify me of new smc via email.

Permanent spares do not put a configuration lock on the machine, while an invoked dynamic spare will put a configuration lock until replaced. Symmetriix the following we will create a device group that includes two SRDF volumes. Only required until DMX platform. Edited based on the comments: So Bxsics really thought, today was the day I should go ahead and finish this post. Maintain BCV mirrors with the standard device; break the mirrors when you want to backup, test, or develop on a copy of the original.

Symmetrix Basic Handbook V_图文_百度文库

An established pair of devices can be split, so that separate hosts can access the same data independently maybe for backupand then be resynchronised. Views Read Edit View history.

Open Systems bssics, triple cabinet, drives Symmetrix I do not have a very clear picture on the overall operation of this device type, but from a high level it can be summed up as following based on it characteristics.

LVD frame, Single cabinet, 96 drives, optimized for mainframes Symmetrix z Therefore, both hosts should have device groups defined. Additional protection against data loss 2. System Bay 1 Bay Channel directors: