El Juego de Abalorios has ratings and reviews. Darwin8u said: “No permanence is ours; we are a waveThat flows to fit whatever form it finds. El juego de los abalorios o El juego de abalorios (título completo: El juego de los abalorios. Ensayo de biografía de Josef Knecht, ‘magister ludi’, seguido de los. The Glass Bead Game (German: Das Glasperlenspiel) is the last full-length novel of the German author Hermann Hesse. It was begun in and published in.

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His life is a dull blank, undeserving of a biography at all, especially when at least three other characters go by who might actually have made good reading. Is it like mancala or something? Knecht, too, comes to see Castalia as a kind of ivory tower, an ethereal and protected community, devoted to pure intellectual pursuits but oblivious to the problems posed by life outside its borders. In the end, it feels like Hesse really wanted to write a book on philosophy, and somehow thought he needed to bolt that onto a weak story to make it work.

He imagines a symbol system within which all academic disciplines can be encoded, and can interact with each other, like a conversion chart for all fields of knowledge.

No one’s that “perfect. But Joseph’s elevation to one of the highest and most respected ranks of the Order coincides with a crisis of conscience, as his ever deepening doubts about this idealistic and sanitised society threaten to topple its very foundations. If someone likes this kind of story telling, I accept it, but it was far too much for me. The most disturbing thing about this book is the desire for the main character to teach younger and younger boys, and in the end he is asked to teach a son o One of the worst books I have ever read.

Only a few days later, the story ends abruptly with Knecht drowning in a mountain lake while attempting to follow Tito on a swim for which Knecht was unfit. It’s basic literacy to know some pieces and sonettes of him, but it’s just surreal to know his whole legacy inside out.


The game is essentially an abstract synthesis of all arts and sciences. There is no real description of the differences that make up the world outside of what the main character is experiencing. Humans have their individual consciousness and hence the individual responsability and have to respond for their crimes. I have recently returned years after retirement to reread several of Hesse’s books, including, most recently “The Glass Bead Game”.

Of course all this is very fine; hetmann one will contend otherwise. Magister Ludi A Novel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It seems reasonable to assume that the monologues express the author’s views, since the opposing views are often expressed more simply and concisely, and then promptly refuted by another character’s lengthy discourse.

That would be enough. The most dull character ever. Its like you get this massive narrative Hmmmm. His was a life of devotion and work, but free of obstructions, free of ambition, and full of music.

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There was a problem filtering reviews right now. But, I assure you, they are nevertheless, burning with subdued fires. In his early days at Castalia, Knecht became known as a debater who eloquently championed the values of the order against a challenger from the outside world.

But these are frivolous issues. The cream of the intellectual crop are sent here as kids, separated from the outside world and their families.

They portrayed their dream and their ideal. But his tragedy is that he never really becomes a GM: Avoid it at all costs. Or rather, life is a meaningless dance of atoms, but not only that.

A waste of time. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. The authors cast themselves as the characters they longed to become. Joseph Knecht rises through the hierarchy always as a Disciple, a player, defined by his relationship to a Master at a more exalted level of consciousness. It is not impossible for us to just stay in the campus for all week. This is beautiful description of the involution of the human society represented by Kneht who turned his back to the spiritual world, its morality, universal culture and spiritual nobility and who dies as a human to become “more instinctual than intellectual”, that is – worst than animals or, as Hesse suggests: These three short stories were Knecht’s Livesfictional autobiographies coming out of a fictional biography!


The stories are presented as exercises by Knecht imagining his life hermwnn he been born in another time and place. Entonces se volveran mas reales las profeticas palabras de los poemas de Knecht: When I started reading this book, I remember I was very excited – it was about some game and I do so love games! A long book full of portentious self-promotion but with nothing to say. No its like uhhhhh.

While Magister Ludi was set in the future, the other incarnations of Magister Ludi were more likely from the past. However, the title Magister Ludi is misleading, as it implies the book is a straightforward bildungsroman.

A character within the Glass Bead Game dismissing the Game itself as far lesser than some other symbol system?

: El Juego De Los Abalorios (Spanish Edition) eBook: Hermann Hesse: Kindle Store

So, surrender to the game and surrender to the universe. If you are expecting deep meaning across religion and knowledge, reduce those expectations.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Write a customer review. The separate, secluded republic of scholars, artists, and glass bead players. Introductions with spoilers belong on that long list of things you should never do in modern society.

Als ich “Das Glasperlenspiel” jetzt zur Hand nahm, war ich also sehr gespannt darauf, denn ich hatte mich mit der Handlung bisher gar nicht auseinandergesetzt. The other affects us emotionally, and is often more effective in opening new doors. En el un grupo de jovenes se consagran a la musica, a la astronomia, a las matematicas, con absoluto desden por todo placer carnal.