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Media, Language and Sports Organizer: Joaquim Norberto de Sousa Silva Economic Reform in Delaying Democratization: Gender Policy and Political Opportunity in Brazil: A hybrid’s Journey Through Latin America: The recent thinking among the LASA membership and its executive officers regarding the importance of decentering Latin American Studies from its historically U.


Southern Cone Studies Organizer: Cultural Views, Analysis Models Organizer: Understanding an Intricate Relationship: Class and Consumption in Puerto Rico: The Experiences of Mexico and Chile: The Argentine Collapse of Reassessed: Renegotiating Same-sex Sexuality in Zapotec Oaxaca: Excelsior and the Dirty War: Citlali Martinez, Univ of Pittsburgh Visiones peligrosas: Jaime Hanneken, Univ of Pennsylvania Chair s: Memory and Social Class in U.

Bolivia in Comparative Perspective: Evidence for the Mexican Manufacturing Trade: Sobre la sociedad del conocimiento en Buenos Aires: Love is complicated feeling.

Why do people have fallacies? Experiences from Latin America Organizer: Julio Quintero, Univ of Cincinnati Chair s: Revisiting Nature and the Role of Humanism: Daniel Hellinger, Webster Univ Chair s: Urban “Renewal” in Managua, Nicaragua: Cosmetic Citizenship and Medical Modernity in Brazil: Crossing the Border through ServiceLearning: I too speak of Theatre: Esto ha tenido un eco entre grupos de otras lenguas mesoamericanas.

Committee on Academic Freedom and Human Rights: A View from Oaxaca: Khipus in the Colonial Andean Parish: Encounters between the Living and the Dead in Highland Bolivia: It is moved from dissatisfaction. Lead Contamination and the Environmental Politics of Risk: Gender, Race and the Nation: Guatemalan Families Divided by Economic Migration: The Story of the Orishas: Navy in Vieques, Puerto Rico: Actors, Institutions, and Rules of the Game: Locality and Transnationalization Calacia

  BS EN 10210-2 PDF