Interview with Edward W. Soja: Thirdspace, Postmetropolis, and Social Theory. By Christian Borch. – One of the central concepts in your recent work. Edward Soja critically re-evaluates this dualism to create an alternative approach , one that comprehends both the material and mental dimensions of spatiality. Edward Soja is an urban planner, postmodern political geographer and cultural theorist. His spatial theory called ‘Thirdspace’ is largely an extension of the work.

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But when doing so with Thirdspace we are in danger of missing the main point of this idea of space and spatiality. Thirdspace is always open to interpretation, always flexible, vibrant, controversial and moreover radically open.

Thirdspace: Journeys to Los Angeles and Other Real-and-Imagined Places

We should be careful with a fixed definition since Thirdspace is based on the radical openness and the lack of dogma in the work of Thirdsapce Lefebvre.

It is grounded in the post modern thought of seeing a conclusion as never being final but instead as a starting point for further exploration.


Thirdspace is radically different way of looking at, interpreting and acting to change the embracing spatiality of human life Soja,p.

It is the third aspect in a new way of thinking about space and spatiality.

Thirdspace is based on the work of a number of social scientist, most notably Henri Lefebvre. Lefebvre introduces thirdspace in slightly different form and under a different name: It is not the name however that matters, it is the idea.

Thirdspace is the space we give meaning to. A rapidly, continually changing space in which we live. It is the experience of living.

Thirdspace can only be understood through First and Second space. First space is space seen from the top of a skyscraper. It is the mapping and compartmentalization of a space.

Third space

It gives a wide, rational perspective. Secondspace is the conceptualization of Firstspace.

We represent the space we live in by art, advertisements or any other medium. Any human being works with First and Secondspace.

Edward Soja – Wikipedia

We have an idea of how for example Nijmegen is mapped and structured. And in Secondplace, if asked to thirdspqce Nijmegen, we would describe it as the oldest city of the Netherlands as well as a student town.


In Thirdspace we are concerned with how the laborers in the poor neighborhoods actually experience living and give meaning to their city. We are interested in how businessmen move around the city and thirdsspace would study the homeless person trying to sell a map to one of these businessman. Thirdspace however is not just distinct from First and Secondspace. It also encompasses the other two.

It is the space in which all spaces come together because if we map our environment we use Firstspace and if we sing along with our national anthem we conceptualize space but we should never forget that while doing so we are living in Thirdspace. A Walk in Thirdspace: Third space From Geography. Retrieved from ” http: Views Page Discussion View source History. Personal tools Log in.