As sharp and fast as a street boy’s razor a rich small feast of a book.”—The New York Times Book Review Welcome to Manila. Complete summary of Jessica Hagedorn’s Dogeaters. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Dogeaters. Criticism. dogeaters-coverx (Hungry Mind Review Number 14 May- June, ). The Predestination of It All. In every society—ruled by tyrants or.

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I myself view this “Proud to be The way that Hagedorn is able to tell the individual stories of people from various levels of society is masterful. Views Read Edit View history.

I read it as part of the WSJ book club. Isabel Alacran, for example, marries Severo because of his power and wealth. They’re vignettes, snatches of lives, bits of memories, crumbs of experience.

Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Though I suppose I really ought to do that one of these days. On the other extreme, one character is so devout that it isolates her from the rest hagsdorn society.

Marriage Another theme is the achievement of social mobility of Filipino women through marriage. Fromthis is a precursor to a lot of today’s Filipino-American writing. Neighbors woke on the second floors to find the first stories of their houses underwater. Yet colonialism lives on, we are to conclude from Hagedorn’s work, in this junta of cutthroat males who live for weekend golf, fornicate with whomever they please, and, if not murder, then drive out the sensitive few to the West, Jessicca among them.


I would probably read another Hagedorn novel. The hustler witnesses the assassination and flees to the hills where the revolutionaries lurk. You get the gist. Characterizations tend to be one- or two-dimensional. And there’s also the task of weaving all these pieces cohesively, so that later on it all comes together, into that single point of convergence.

It ensnares them and shapes their fates. With its huge ensemble cast dpgeaters characters, each chapter of Dogeaters presents the point dgoeaters view of a particular character. I agree and disagree.


But we also tag along with the regular folk—the working class, the wannabes, the druggies living on the margins of society as they fall in love, try to chase dreams, and just fight to live another day. Noah builds his ark on dry high ground, while locals laugh. He has many mistresses including Lolita Luna and sleeps with many of his servants.

Rio Gonzaga plays the role of narrator for her family; other important characters are introduced through a third person narrator, such as the wealthy Severo Alacran, and his wife Isabel. In an interview with Ameena Meer, Hagedorn explains: I remember gasping with excitement the moment our Modern Asian Literature professor, Ms. His assassination becomes a great mystery since it is unclear who shot him.

Hagedorn consumes; her appetite is voracious and her feast is ours.

It seems to champion people living on the society’s margins — and tries to tell their stories. I’m not a hardcore Nationalist or uessica like that; I’m not one of those who scream “Proud to be Filipino!


Manila in the not too distant past; a cast of thousands ok, dozens ; poverty and privilege; vice, corruption, violence, pop culture, innocence, religion, family and friendships. Despite the beliefs of many Filipinos, the lives of actresses such as Lolita Luna are not glamorous, but are instead a spiraling trap of drugs and sexual exploitation. She remembers the women around her aspiring only to swindle the powerful or marry them.

In A Storm’s Wake, Two Books Help Make Sense Of What Remains

It’s very fast, jarring, jolting, MTV generation kind of thing. Rio is involved and questioning. Hagdorn follows the stories of several characters in the Philippines, including members of the Alacran, Avila and Gonzaga families. A country influenced by the West. That’s what’s life is, anyway.

This Week’s Must Read: ‘Dogeaters,’ By Jessica Hagedorn : NPR

However, Dogeaters is a notch better than Ilustrado because it is better-written as it is easier to understand and her characters are definitely more memorable. Why does she choose to drive her own car, when she can obviously afford a chauffeur? I don’t know that it benefited from its large cast of characters. What the fuckety fuck, I mean, WTF???

I blame that on the fact that the book is pages.