Essay on the Inequality of Human Races: Arthur de Gobineau: (–55; Essay on the Inequality of Human Races), that was by far his most influential work. by Arthur de Gobineau, translated by Adrian Collins des races humaines (An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races) (–) by. With an Introductory Essay on Count Gobineau’s Life-Work by Dr. Oscar Levy. One Vol. THE INEQUALITY OF HUMAN RACES BY ARTHUR DE GOBINEAU.

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Other Germans — Chamberlain, Schemann, and the Gobineau school — poured a great deal of water into his wine, sweetened it with patriotic syrups, adulterated it with their own pleasant inventions, which were all too readily swallowed by teh gullible and credulous generation.

In fact, they have been content to state the question in lofty language ; and if they have not solved it, or even thrown light upon it, at least they have not made it a breeder of errors.

The Inequality of the Human Races: Arthur de Gobineau: : Books

It ienquality forth Arthur de Gobineau’s ihequality for racial determinism and the gobineay of the “Aryan Race. The yellow races are thus clearly superior to the black. Many people have come to think that the end of a society is at hand when its religious ideas tend to weaken and disappear. The Fathers were persuaded, as so many others have hunan, that barbarism occupies the same place in the life of peoples as infancy does in the life of a man ; and that the more rudeness and savagery a nation shows, the younger it really is.

Finally, when the majority of the citizens d mixed blood flowing in their veins, they erect into a universal and absolute truth what inequaliyt only true for themselves, and feel it to be numan duty to assert that all men are equal.

In this they copied the moderation that was forced on the conquerors of antiquity. In fact, bad institutions are those which, however well they look on paper, are not in harmony with the national qualities or caprices, and so do not suit a particular State, though they might be very successful in the neighbouring country.

I must examine here an argument, put forward in our time, which never entered people’s heads in the eighteenth century ; but as it fits in admirably with the subject of the preceding paragraph, I could not find a better place in which to speak of it. To the missionaries alone belongs the credit of furnish- ing the ideas, humwn putting them into a palatable form, and imposing them on the people ; they do this either by the influence they exert on their neophytes, or, in the last resort, by threats.

A country of which the fertility and natural resources used to enrich generation after generation of planters will become a desert ; and the wild goat will roam alone over the fruitful plains, the magnificent valleys, the sublime mountains, of the Queen of the Antilles.

More challenging, however, is understanding the weight that this publication had on the development of racial thought throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Certainly not a pleasure read, but useful to understand white supremacists early justificat To give this racist polemic any more than two stars is impossible.


T rated it liked it Nov 22, The institutions, as I said before, are completely European. The thick mists, the profound darkness that from time im- memorial veiled the beginnings of civilizations different from our own, now lift and dissolve under the sun of science.

The question of cleanliness never enters anyone’s head. Thus, in the old man, there are no traces of the ineqhality of middle age, in the adult no traces of the youth, nor in the youth of the child ; the personal identity in all these stages is kept purely by the succession of inner and outer forms, each an imperfect copy of the last.

We may, in fact, take the opposite view, and recognize that the heavy hand of God is laid without ceasing on our societies, as the effect of a decision pro- nounced before the rise of the first people ; and inequalify the blow falls according to rule and foreknowledge, by virtue of fixed edicts, inscribed in the code of the universe by the side of other laws which, in their rigid severity, govern organic and inorganic nature alike.

They proved once more the great humam that it is affirmation, not negation, which is of service in the business of this world.

Diocletian was a politician ruled by the clamours of his people ; Decius and Aurelian were fanatics like their subjects. The native race is gradually tending to mix with the invaders and disappear. It is, however, in modern times especially that we find examples of institutions imposed by a conqueror and not accepted by his subjects.

But I cannot leave this part of my subject without touching on a similar instance, of a peculiar character, which strongly supports my view. With huuman go the repulsion felt for the foreigner and the superiority which every nation claims for itself with regard to its neighbours. So strongly did men feel this truth in the third century that there was a hyman reaction among the higher classes.

How do you rate a book, glbineau while it’s well-written, is complete crap? Generally the dominating peoples begin by being far fewer in number than those they conquer ; while, on the other hand, certain races that form the basis of the population in immense districts are extremely prolific gobinfau the Celts, for example, and the Slavs.

The Inequality of Human Races

In the world to-day as well as in Palestine of old, the prophets of bliss are the false prophets ; the prophets of evil, to-day as of yore, are the true ones. Those who followed the same method, in our own subject, were travelling on the only road that really led to discoveries. I may cite, in support of this, the actual condition of a large number of com- munities spread throughout the world. The power that reigns unchecked is the true spirit of these peoples.

They know better how to use it, and so,a s it would seem, set a greater price on it; both in their own persons and those of others, they are more sparing of life.


Color Illustrated Edition with Original Maps. Another example is the historian Tacitus, who was full of contempt for the new sectaries, but blamed Nero for his cruelty in persecuting them. All ages, they might say, have beheld periods of transition, when life grapples with suffering and in the end arises victorious and splendid. It is the same with odours; his inordinate desires are satisfied with all, however coarse or even horrible.

But as it was published in the s, compared to many of its contemporary works, like Das Kapital for instance, that got both the premise and the details wrong and directly led to the horrors of communism, I cant help think that the vitriol directed at this work who at best had an indirect influence has more to do with the post-WW2 framing of morality than any objective standard of judgment.

This opinion has a grain of truth, but is largely false. Page 96 – The popular works of the country are greatly cheaper than ours ; they have no taxes on literature, and three or four volumes of any ordinary work, of the octavo size and shape, may be had for a sum equivalent to two shillings.

The hazard of war cannot destroy the life of a people. Further, the ordinary level of morality is higher in the later period than in the earlier.

It only remained to define the meaning of ” nation that has degenerated.

If his mental faculties are dull or even non-existent, he often has an intensity of desire, and so of will, which may be called terrible. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We might even say that the violence with which he pursues the object that has aroused his senses and inflamed his desires is a guarantee of the desires being soon satisfied and the object forgotten. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. This is an OCR edition with typos.

When Charles I, by the evil counsels of the Earl of Strafford, wished to force absolute monarchy on the English, the King and his minister were walking on the blood-stained morass of political theory.

Deserters from the whaling vessels or mutinous sailors are not the only colonists ; merchants, speculators, adventurers of all kinds, flock to the islands, build houses, and settle down. In all the States that have made any advance in intellectual culture, the process has not been checked for a single moment by those desperate shifts to which the law-givers of the Aryavarta were put, in their desire to reconcile the prescriptions of the Code of Manu with the irresistible march of events.