Editorial Reviews. Review. “Makes an indelible impact.” —Publishers Weekly on Faith of the Fallen “Few writers have Goodkind’s power of creation a. Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, those people still free are powerless to stop the coming dawn of a savage new world, while Richard. Confessor by Terry Goodkind, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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He exiles the surviving “bad people” to a world where the people are ignorant of his the is Richard’s wisdom and there is no magic.

She started as a Sister of the Dark one whom even other Clnfessor were wary of but she saw the error or her ways and decided to join Richard in his quest against Jagang and his Order. I’ll trade you Goodkind for him. I’m a huge fan of Terry Goodkind and the Sword of Truth series.

Judged purely on the merits of its story and not its themes, which as others say, are heavily entangled with ObjectivismThe Sword of Truth series is not bad but could be much better. It is truly a remarkable accomplishment considering that Richard was able to solve all the problems–the Imperial Order, the prestinely ungifted, the taint of the chimes, the sisters of the dark, and Kahlan’s lost memory–all in one swoop.

There goodkins stakes to the action, characters we know and love die, other characters are captured and taken away, the action is well described, exciting and tense. Damn, he was only two weeks from retirement, too. Just a moment while we sign you tery to your Goodreads account. Goodkind does place the value of one’s own life at the center of his moral framework as its highest cause but, he goes beyond this to create a moral system that allows one to confeszor, even one’s very life, for principles beyond those of direct self-interest.


A man with a temper that can still see reason and rein his emotions in easily. But Goodkind just doesn’t seem to understand or care. In the beginning, he was almost always gooxkind denial when it came to either being the new Lord Ralh or with regard to his magical abilities, which quickly became tiresome.

Confessor (book)

It made me understand the true meaning of freedom. It is so pervasive that literally every single page of this book so far has fallen victim to it. More often than not, I am left feeling a little disappointed but Confessor was the perfect ending to the entire series.

And here she is, upholding that idea as though she has firmly believed in it her entire life. In a way i am more religious than most people, but i can think freely about these subjects. Jan 01, Robert rated it did not like it.

Jun 25, Eric Allen rated it liked it. The first five books were truly great works of fantasy, but midway through the series, a transformation happened.

Confessor (Sword of Truth, book 11) by Terry Goodkind

I have gerry say that I wasn’t as impressed with this book. How to read Susan Wittig Albert series? It is humorous how he sets up a parallel world which could easily be the origin of our earth, while also getting in a quick one-two on christianity.

Confessor s were an order of women first created during the Great War as a means of ascertaining the truth beyond doubt. As Six is about to recapture them, Shota appears terrj Six’s mother.

As a protection, the Confessors’ magic had been designed to ensure that after having been used, the Confessor would require an interval of recovery before their power would return, preventing them from having an confdssor power.


It started off VERY SLOWLY, with the first two hundred pages or whatever being all these magic theories and whatnot being explained o us in very simple terms, meaning one theory or whatever took them like 20 pages to explain and i will say that I didn’t appreciate being viewed as a retard who didn’t’ get it from the first page or so! Kahlan tells Richard she loves him, revealing that her emotions have contaminated her chances of regaining memory. Why didn’t he just do it here, and have Nicci put the boxes into play fro Richard without needing one in her possession?

When I picked up the first confesssor back around ’94 I hadn’t read an epic fantasy I liked for a while and was glad to find it. Goodkind gave more and more book space to his own ideas and beliefs.

Nov 09, Gabriel C. After three thousand years confessog power, the Confessors would fall victim to the evil wizard Darken Rahlwho ordered his quads to hunt them down gooekind their entirety and brutally murder them.

I will miss these characters though. On April 11, Goodkind’s total rejection of all competing ideologies is among the most narrowminded writing I’ve seen. It just felt like such a cop out, I was angry about it for months.

Rachel has also come a long way from when she was a frightened little girl in Tamarang.