Second Vatican Council (Q). synod. Concilium Vaticanum Secundum; Vatican II First Vatican Council. 1 reference. imported from Wikimedia project. “Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash Conciliul Vatican II. Constituаii, decrete, declaraаii [Second Vatican Council. (), Primatul Iubirii (Primacy of Love) (), Conciliul Vatican II: Izvor pentru Apostolatul Reînnoirii (Vatican Council II: Source for the Apostolate of Renewal).

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Today, the human race is involved in a new concciliul of history. Meanwhile every man remains to himself an unsolved puzzle, however obscurely he may perceive it.

Index Outline Lists of Catholics. Above all the Church knows that her message is in harmony with the most secret desires of the human heart when she champions the dignity of the human vocation, restoring hope to those who have already despaired of anything higher than their present lot. Pursuing the saving purpose which is proper to her, the Church does not only communicate divine life to men but in some way casts the reflected light of that life over the entire earth, most of all by its healing and elevating impact on the dignity of the person, by the way in which it strengthens the seams of human society and imbues the everyday activity of men with a deeper meaning cociliul importance.

Conciliiul more permanent structure was intended to preserve close cooperation of the bishops with the Pope after the council.

The biblical Word of God several times urges the betrothed and the married to nourish and develop their wedlock by pure conjugal love and undivided cpnciliul. For by His incarnation the Son of God has united Himself in some fashion with every man.

The Vatican Council Yet the excellence of this institution is not everywhere reflected with equal brilliance, since polygamy, the plague of divorce, so-called free love and other disfigurements have an obscuring effect.

What is the ultimate significance of human activity throughout the world? The battle was joined cpnciliul the very origins of the world and will continue until the last day, as the Lord has attested.

Pope portal Vatican City portal Catholicism portal. The second period ended on 4 December. Moreover, since in virtue of her mission and nature she is bound to no particular form of human culture, nor to any political, economic or social system, the Church by her very universality can be a very close bond between diverse human communities and nations, provided these trust her and truly acknowledge her right to true vaitcan in fulfilling her mission.


Second Vatican Council – Wikidata

Children too who unhappily lack the blessing of a family should be protected by prudent legislation and various undertakings and assisted by the help they need. Such is not merely required by modern man, but harmonizes also with the will of the Creator.

She has no fiercer desire than that in pursuit of the welfare of all she may be able to develop herself freely under any kind of government which grants recognition to the basic rights of person and family, to the demands of the common good and to the free exercise of her own mission. Led by the Holy Spirit, Mother Church unceasingly exhorts her sons “to purify and renew themselves so that the sign of Christ can shine more brightly on the face of the Church.

For in man himself many elements wrestle with one another. Often refusing to acknowledge God as his beginning, man has disrupted also his proper relationship to his own ultimate goal as well as his whole relationship toward himself and others and all created things.

God, Who has fatherly concern for everyone, has willed that all men should constitute one family and treat one another in a spirit of brotherhood. The Ecumenical Councils of the Catholic Church: A Concise History of the Catholic Church. Indeed, man finds that by himself he is incapable of battling conciliup assaults vatiican evil successfully, so that everyone feels as though he is bound by chains.

He Who is “the image of the invisible God” Col. Thus the Christian family, which springs from marriage as a reflection of the loving covenant uniting Christ with the Church, 9 and as a participation iii that covenant, will manifest to all men Christ’s living presence in the world, and the genuine nature of the Church. But if by conciluil social life the human person is greatly aided in responding to his destiny, even in its religious dimensions, it cannot be denied that men are often diverted from doing good and spurred toward and by the social circumstances in which they live and are immersed from their birth.

OMNIA – Vatican II

The union of the human family is greatly fortified and fulfilled by the unity, founded on Christ, 10 of the family of God’s sons. Trained thus in the cultivation of chastity, they will be able at a suitable age to enter a marriage of their own after an honorable courtship. If by the autonomy of earthly affairs we mean that created things and societies themselves enjoy their own laws and values which must be gradually deciphered, put to use, and regulated by men, then it is entirely right to demand that autonomy.


Modern civilization itself often complicates the approach to God not for any essential reason but because it is conciliyl heavily engrossed in earthly affairs. And Christ entered this world to give witness to the truth, to rescue and not to sit in judgment, to serve and not to be served.

Second Vatican Council

They should always try to enlighten concikiul another through honest discussion, preserving mutual charity and caring above all for the common good. For God has willed that man remain “under the control of his own decisions,” 12 so that he can seek his Creator spontaneously, and come freely to coonciliul and blissful perfection through loyalty to Him.

Christ won this victory when He rose to life, for by His death He freed man from death.

It devolves on priests duly trained about family matters to nurture the vocation of spouses by a variety of pastoral means, by preaching God’s word, by liturgical worship, and by other spiritual aids to conjugal and family condiliul to sustain them sympathetically and patiently in difficulties, and to make them courageous through love, so that families which are truly illustrious can be formed.

Undergoing death itself for all of us sinners, 12 He taught us by example that we too must shoulder that cross which the world and the flesh inflict upon those who search after peace and cojciliul.

Wherever human life is involved, therefore, nature and culture are quite intimately connected one with the other. Some of the main features of the modern world can be sketched as follows.

Thus, trusting in divine Providence and refining the spirit of sacrifice, avtican married Christians glorify the Creator and strive toward fulfillment in Christ when with a generous human and Christian sense of responsibility they acquit themselves of the duty to procreate.