Chroma / Video Pattern Generator that follow the. VESA and DFP Standards. They meet the high frequency digital and analog signal requirements of. Specifications. Analog pixel rate up to MHz and Digital (TMDS) up to MHz; Ultra fast slew rate less than ns (typical); One pixel resolution; Graphic. Programmable Video Pattern Generator. B/ B. RF Video Pattern Generator. N/A. B. Video Pattern Generator (Discontinued from.

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Apr 13, at StridsvognenApr 13, Feb 29, Messages: Test units will be. Hdfury3 Hdfury4 Moome, different models. Ill use my Marquee projector for the testing Ill be able to run my Chroma Mhz test pattern generator as a reference.

It will take some time getting around all of this, with different resolutions and different evaluation parameters, so be patient. If anybody have some of the same products, your welcome to join, and post your test results, or if anyone like some help connecting a analog display to a digital source, feel free to ask. Apr 13, at 1: Ill start with these 4 different devices, with the SMPTE pattern, checking bandwidth performance For a start ill do P 60hz, P 60hz, P 72hz, all with standard timings.

Ill be displaying green only as different resolutions and scanrates will take a lot of time aligning the CRT to each resolutions. With green only ill be able to plug a device and shoot a pic, and move on.

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Apr 13, at 7: Thanks x 1 List. Apr 13, at 8: Funny x 1 List. Apr 13, at 9: Calibre vantage P 60hz Very nice clean analog output, nice black level with standard settings, where all the other scalers are way off.

And the best bandwidth of all the old scalers. Crystalio 2 P 60hz. Apr 14, at 9: Dec 26, Messages: So why does the HD Fury chtoma fail so badly? Apr 14, at StridsvognenApr 14, Apr 23, at 6: StridsvognenApr 23, Is ther not anybody who have another converter they will like to share.?

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I was looking at this one as a potential chgoma unit. May 8, at 6: StridsvognenMay 8, As the Hdfury devices seems to stay on the market, ill try go true some of the other problems they have regarding specs and features that has been a bit to optimistic, or never finished, asap.

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Jun 2, at 8: Apr 26, Messages: The output was awfully filtered as it came, it could not even resolve x 60Hz on according to the oscilloscope, moreover one of the output termination resistor was a wrong value, so the output levels did not match.

But after removing the filter network and correcting the termination it revealed that the output rise time I could measure is around 1. Useful x 1 List. Jul 21, at 2: Jul 25, at 9: StridsvognenJul 25, Got some new Chinatoys. Aug 12, at 8: Aug 12, at 9: StridsvognenAug 12, Aug 17, at 3: R BattyAug 17, Sep 9, Messages: Interesting thread but I hoped for a product I can buy – any chance you will come up with a recommendation?

So far curoma seems you have found two cheap converters that both have to be modified to look good which can be a task in itself. Will they support custom resolutions or are they like the Moome products which do not recognize a lot of custom resolutions that should be perfectly fine like x with 48 Hz for example.

Best HDMI to RGBHV converters for analog displays. | AVForums

By all means keep up the good work but it would be hcroma to see a product we can buy. Aug 17, at StridsvognenAug 17, Aug 18, at 6: R BattyAug 18, Aug 18, at 2: StridsvognenAug 18, Aug 18, at 4: My modded moome Marquee v3 does mhz pixel clock with no problems above that the moome breaks up on red channel and neck cards blow at p 72hz. Aug 19, at R BattyAug 19, Aug 19, at 7: StridsvognenAug 19, Aug 20, at 9: R BattyAug 20, Currently I chdoma a G90 that I found to have excellent light output, focus and convergence stability out of the box, plus it was extremely easy to give it a proper dark green c-element.


From what I hear the new Moome cards all should have the highest bandwidth in their V3 incarnations. As you say CRT projectors seem to be able to chtoma up to Mhz and I also always found the claims for even more bandwidth to be dubious so that Chinese box you found may be all that is needed to get the best out of a CRT projector if we also factor in limitations in light output and spot size.

Spot size from what I have seen is not really that good that any 9″ projector could do much more than horizontal pixel regardless of bandwidth limitation.

StridsvognenAug 20, So for the G90 ill recommend the last internal moome, and stay below Mhz, the G90 has a bandwidth below Mhz, but as the G90 dont have much raster ringing, chdoma possible to run P 60hz with standard timings, xx60, for 72hz is best to crop it cheoma P, and stay below Mhz. I dont like using the Radiance, it reduce the bit dept, and have some croma issues, the general experience is a more flat and lifeless image, so ill recommend you to do 60hz direct from player to moome card, if your into best image quality.

I never use the moome gamma, i actually remove it, and never do digital gamma in a player or processor, stick to the projectors analog controles, and ill recommend to run component 4: Please post a shot of your smpte pattern as is right now. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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