The Ascent of Humanity is a radical exploration of the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the human sense of self. Eisenstein traces all of. Ascent The Ascent of Humanity is about the history and future of civilization from a unique perspective: the evolution of the human sense of self. This book. Ascent of Humanity: Introduction. More than any other species, human beings are gifted with the power to manipulate our environment, and the ability to.

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Charles Eisenstein – Wikipedia

There is no way of determining where that divergence will occur so mathematically we say, “After a particular of iterations C is still part of the mandelbroit set” In other words, it is a reality that cannot be reduced.

Seeing ourselves as discrete and separate beings, we naturally seek to manipulate the not-self to our best advantage. Paths to a Sustainable Future. Would you stay in bed until noon, lounge in front of the TV and descend into a vague never-ending spiral of indulgence? These crimes against humanity and crimes against nature couldn’t really be happening.

It is separation then, in the form of technology and culture, that defines us as ascrnt as well, it is separation that has generated the converging ascnt of today’s world. However, I think the author glorifies primitive culture as a whole and doesn’t admit that some of our advances truly are advances.

Today, as both the destruction and the violence reach a feverish crescendo, few can deny that the world is in a state of crisis. It is a very clear deconstruction of culture and an explanation of how things came to be as they are. He generally charges people expenses but no fee, leaving it up to them to give him something if they feel the urge. Only their identification of that evil was different. They originate in a confusion about self and world, a confusion embodied in our fundamental chares and religious principles and applied in every aspect of modern life, from politics and economics to medicine and education.

A stamp must be attached occasionally to keep the money worthwile so it does not expire. And then I decided to close it, and move to another book. Constantly I am amazed how the same fundamental misconception of self underlies phenomena as apparently unconnected as the war in Iraq, intellectual property, antibiotic resistance, acid rain, ethnic cleansing, junk mail, suburban sprawl, and declining U.


Ascent of Humanity: Introduction

Like an animal caught in quicksand, the harder we struggle the faster we sink. In other projects Wikiquote. If you feel that you’re often acting against your better values or interests, and those of your I could never put it into words, all of this, so it’s just as well someone has!

It’s offered as the author’s gift you can read it online at http: Sep 02, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: But my old readings of Rudolph Steiner remind me that true self growth does not occur in isolation. Before then, evil was not even a concept.

Inspired by such moments, I have spent the last ten years trying to understand what keeps us—and what keeps me—from the better world that our hearts tell us must exist.

Among these are works of surpassing beauty, complexity, and power, human creations that could not have existed—could not even have been hujanity the times of our forebears. Each advance in technology distances us from nature, yes, but also frees us from natural limitations. With spirit separate from matter and God separate from Creation, we are left impotent and alone in Fritjof Capra’s “Newtonian World-machine”.

And then a furious attack on the Scientific Methods, and praise to homeopathy.

Seven Life Lessons of Chaos. Retrieved 5 December For good or ill, it is separation that has made us what we are. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. They did contain some new ideas and information that was worthwhile. That is why this book interweaves the story of humanity’s separation from nature with the story of our individual alienation from life, nature, spirit, and self. The result is an elegant culmination of disparate variables; events, myths, and obsessive fanatical scientism that offers an explain for our current human condition–notably a misguided Cartesian conception An orchestrated deconstruction of our collective technology-as- dues ex machina wish fullfillment fantasies, weaving together strings of history, psychology, mythology, and physics, in a straightforward fashion simple enough for my comparatively simple brain.


The last two chapters of The Ascent of Humanity are filled with hope and pragmatic, accessible ideas about what we can do to save ourselves and our planet. Perhaps only a crash of epic proportions must occur before we enter Eisenstein’s “Age of Reunion”, a time in which we once again integrate with our natural world and discover human existence full of meaning far from the modern myth of “survival only”.

The methods and techniques of modern science, along with that entire mode of thought we call rational, objective, or scientific, reinforce the regime of separation even when we try to ameliorate it. An example of this is the urge to “save the environment” or “conserve natural resources”, locutions that reaffirm an external environment, fundamentally separate from ourselves, upon which we are only conditionally dependent.

Need the most sublime achievements of art, music, literature, science, and technology be built upon the wreckage of the natural world and the misery of its inhabitants? What I liked most was what I took as his main idea: Is there some truth to this statement? How have humans managed to progress so far, yet stray so far from the true nature of our being?

Quotes from The Ascent of Hum We call it entertainment. Any person who considers him or herself enlightened, or wanting to become enlightened, should read this book. Yet, it is nothing to fear, it is only the inevitable result of centuries of separation, separation which has culminated in the super-specialized trivial existences we now occupy.

Trivia About The Ascent of Hum Archived from the original on 2 September Author and visionary Charles Eisenstein reveals your intuition is telling the truth. The overall writing style takes patience, even for those well educated.

Believing this to be a good thing, we think of this separation as an ascent in which we have lf above our animal origins. Chi ama i libri sceglie Kobo e inMondadori.