Some Simple Mates. The first thing a student should do, is to familiarise himself with the power of the pieces. This can best be done by learning how to. I’ve been trying to study with an eBook I got from project Gutenberg. The explanations are generally clear but I don’t have any clue what the. So I found a pdf of Chess Fundamentals by Capablanca but it was in descpritive notation. Does anyone know if there is an algebraic version online because I.

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Do not post direct links to, or links to sites hosting, pirated content. Doing so may result in a ban. When posting positions, title them appropriately – White to move and win, What’s the best line for black?

1. Some Simple Mates

Use the message the moderators link if your posts or comments don’t appear, or for help with any administrative fundamenrals. What notation is Capablanca using in Chess Fundamentals? I’ve been trying to study with an eBook I got from project Gutenberg. The explanations are generally clear but I don’t have any clue what the notation means.

pdf of Chess Fundamentals(Algebraic)?

It’ll be descriptive notation. A fundamrntals of people complain about books in descriptive notation but it’s really very easy to learn. Algebraic notation wasn’t too hard for me so I’m optimistic about learning this.

Capablanca is completely correct when he asserts in the book’s Preface: It will be as good a hundred years from now; as long in fact as the laws and rules of the game remain as they are at present.

1. Some Simple Mates – Chess Fundamentals

The reader may therefore capablanfa over the contents of the book with the assurance that there is in it everything he needs, and that there is nothing to be added and nothing to be changed. So far, two pages in, I’m finding that it makes sense. I just ordered a stack of chess books from amazon; it will be interesting to compare their contents to Capablanca. From bitter personal experience, it is too easy to have a stack of unread chess books or chess books for which one has only skimmed a chapter or two.


Capablanca’s Chess Fundamentals is one of those books one should read carefully with a microscope from cover to cover. Yeah, I’m expecting that to some extent. Right now I’m such a beginner about rating on chess. I ordered five books in total, by Fischer, Chernev, Pandolfini, and Silman.

My hope is that if one author’s style isn’t clear to me, another’s will be. If you are really at on chess. You need to play games and practice tactics. Look in the FAQs of this Board to find more. The weird thing is that my tactics rating is aboutboth on chess. This is where the tactics problems are beyond mate in one, or spotting a hanging queen. Once the problems become even slightly positional, I simply don’t know what I’m looking for.

My rating currently is so low, it’s hard to get games against anyone. And then often they are points better than me. I don’t know enough about the game yet to know where I make mistakes apart from hanging pieces.

Even a lot of the beginner videos on chess. But, seeing GM games explained has been hugely helpful because it explains why a move was made, which dhess turn points out something I need to be aware of. The tone of this post is negative, but I’m actually very optimistic.

Chess Fundamentals, Revised by José Raúl Capablanca

I’ve been stuck for a couple months, but I think I’m about to make more progress. My goal is to capablana it tohowever long that takes. Check out Logical Chess: I bought that book from amazon, but after reading some reviews, got an edited one that is printed with algebraic notation. Not sure if the editor s actually made any real changes in the content or not, but I find it very, very difficult to visualize descriptive notation in my head, whereas I’m getting better at being able to do it with algebraic.

Their demo book, which you can then download free through that app, is Chess Fundamentals. Their version is algebraic. The reader shows the book on one side of the screen, and an interactive chess board on the other. Tap a diagram and the book and it sets up on the board where you can analyze. Tap a move in a novelist in the book, and the board sets up to the position after that move. There are the usual buttons for stepping through moves and variations.


That sounds like a great app, but I use Android. I’m studying with Chess Book Study, which has a split screen interface with the book on top and board underneath. It sounds like it’s a similar design. Is it possible to share the algebraic edition? The version I’m using is in the public domain, but I don’t know if the algebraic one is too. I just installed this – pretty sweet. I can easily see this app or similar apps as the near future of all chess books, especially integrated with a chess engine.

I have another Capablanca question. Have the rules for check somehow changed since he wrote? If I’m reading his notation correctly for a king and queen against king endgame, he wants me to play Qc6 Kd5. In descriptive notation, Q- B 6 K- Q 5. The white queen starts on h1, so Capablanca has to mean queen’s bishop c6 not king’s bishop f6. So it looks like my queen has to teleport, or my king has to put himself in check. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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