Camillo Agrippa (s–) was a 16th century Italian architect, engineer, and Dialogue, by Camillo Agrippa: an Annotated Translation. Fencing: A Renaissance Treatise provides the first full English translation of Camillo. Agrippa’s popular Italian manual on fencing. As an instructor of fencing as. Camillo Agrippa’s Treatise on the Science of Arms was a turning point in the history of fencing. Translated and with an Introduction by Ken Mondschein.

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Camillo Agrippa s— was a 16th century Italian architect, engineer, and fencer.

Joseph of the Holy Land. He also moved in literary and artistic circles, where he was acquainted with Cardinal Alessandro Farnese and the great artist Michelangelo. Though he doesn’t seem to have been a professional fencing masterAgrippa stands out as one of the most influential fencing theorists in history.


His trandlation treatise, titled Trattato di Scientia d’Arme, con vn Dialogo di Filosofia “Treatise on the Science of Arms, with a Philosophical Dialogue”was published in and presented a unique new system of swordsmanship based on his knowledge of geometry and mechanics. Agrippa’s theories revolutionized civilian fencing and presaged the emergence of the thrusting style that characterized the use of the rapier.

Cami,lo is unclear, however, whether this is due to his direct influence, or if Agrippa was merely among the first to describe a general change in the culture of fencing that was much larger than his work. D ovendo essere, per qual cagion’ si voglia: H avevo disignato dire ancora come si adoperasse il Spadone: For further information, including transcription and translation notes, see the discussion page.

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Camillo Agrippa

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