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Order Series Speakers direct from Bowers & Wilkins or find a retailer. Bringing the highest quality sound straight to you. Used B&w for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Used Bw D for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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Most alloy domes have a first HF resonance around or a little above 20kHz, and the best of breed alloy or titanium bb&w come in around 27kHz. But this is a mild complaint, something you only notice when you have lived with Nautili and their offspring for a long, long time. Studio Quality You’ll find the flagship Series loudpseaker at work wherever exceptional sound quality really matters, the world-famous Abbey Road Studios in London to Skywalker Sound, the Californian studio where Hollywood puts music to movies.

My review samples were finished in a superlative Gloss Piano Black accented with gold trim lines around each driver.

They simply made music and never made themselves known. Thanks to modern scientific techniques, we can grow diamond, like a crystal, to form the optimum tweeter dome shape. 80d Room Acoustics — last barrier of most important factor? There is a hint of boxiness in the midband, and of a loss of image depth and differentiation, 080d very minor.

But the Nautilus tweeters are certainly never harsh or brittle. But even with these cables the speakers sounded analytical.

Intentionally, the design behaves asymmetrically on different axis, the idea being for different regions of the outer part of the cone to work in anti-phase at high frequencies, so that the effective radiating area of the cone reduces at the frequency being looked at rises.

They may have heard new speakers, bad equipment or there may have been a mismatch going on. Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. Henderson had 800s along a favorite recording with very full, tight bass, with which he tried to optimize the s’ sound for maximum bass and without excessive bloom.


But they are a bit too fussy for me. Cables were almost exclusively Nordost Valhalla interconnects, speaker and mains power.

What Hi-Fi?

The Diamond is nothing less than a revolution in speaker design: Their 800 as shown on the picture however was far from their ideal position. Tidal Audio Akira loudspeaker.

My room is far from perfect and even though I have heard a large amount of speakers in it, my experiences need not be typical of results obtained in other rooms.

Thing is, this is difficult to decide.

Synthese Floating 2 — Mini Review 4 May All four driver units are combined in a three-way configuration with a high-quality but relatively simple crossover design shown below.

Review By Alvin Gold. Stereophile’s Products of You should know that I compared the N to many speakers and always have they sounded utterly spacious.

Enough babbling already, how do they sound? In the years I’ve lived with the Bw&, they’ve continued to provide wonderful musical experiences, and, like an old married couple, we’ve adapted to each other. I have immense admiration for them when all circumstances are optimal.

Its curved external shape avoids the unwanted acoustic effects caused by flat baffles and sharp cabinet edges.

Used b&w for Sale |

So an amp with very good current delivery is a must. The entire enclosure is a transmission line for the bass. If I had a second room and no cost restraints then I would probably keep them. But now that I have 800r choose between them and the Magnepans or Apogees as I would later opt forI simply have to conclude that the Maggies move me more.

My initial listening was with Transparent cabling allround. Leave this field blank. Red plot is Diamond, with a trasparent layer of the D over top. The Magnepans are nice enough to look at from the listening position but from the sides and rear they are less pleasing. Nothing passes 800 diamond tweeter by, and this also includes the contribution that it makes to the reproduction of ambience and ‘air’. Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Speakers 4 December Diamond for Every Occasion The Series Diamond represents the pinnacle of our technological achievement, and the sum total of almost 50 years of research and development at the cutting edge of acoustic design.


They have fantastic soundstaging and their bass can be stunning. It is, in a word, super honest. In the original Nautilusthe tweeter was housed in a molded tapered tube behind the dome which absorbs much of the acoustic output from the back of the dome.

They perform at their best with real music, acoustical instruments and voices. N&w Spectra 3 loudspeaker.

Sound But I’m getting ahead of myself. Notice that they lean forward slightly? The N not only sounded airier and more subtle, it was more engaging overall, as if it was completely run in and the D came freshly out of the box. This was surprising because I know that the Transparent is also pretty smooth and the Golden Reference is said to be very neutral yet I find it sounding much like the Golden Crosss, which is forgiving, friendly, smooth and never harsh.

Molded from Marlan, a synthetic, v&w filled resin, this granite-hard enclosure is sprayed with seven coats of lacquer and polished by hand until it’s as smooth as glass. Finally, a quick comparison with the Synthese Floating 2. In the range covered by the new and old diamond tweeter, they both have the same peak at 10K, followed by the dip at 5.