Sdn. See elsewhere in catalog for matching aluminum dash panels. Panel. Pr. 65 Sdn. Here is the latest restoration offering from BUGPACK. Option #3. Browse our Virtual Catalog. Click the banner below to view our updated online catalog for free on your computer. This will require flash. – The catalog. Volkswagen Parts and Accessories Online Catalog Bugpack is now part of EMPI Inc. We at EMPI look forward to serving both Bugpack.

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Great for capping off that unsightly mess or stowing away those extra items behind the rear seat. Comes complete with all necessary hardware. Kit consists of 4 of stainless braided Aircraft Type hose and 4 easy to install red anodized hose ends. These fittings are used with the barbed fittings listed below. Increased valve guide support. Compliments our heavy duty pressure plate or our racing pressure plate.

This all- metal muffler core will never wear out or change sound levels. Comes complete with new gaskets to prevent leaks.

You get increased horsepower thru easier breathing. Face pressure is aprox lbs. These covers fit most wide catslog seat shells or shells can be ordered separately.

Specify includes any special stem lengths and diameter incl. Fits stock or our Performance wire kits only. Clearanced for 86mm crankshafts Reinforced back behind cylinder 3 Drilled and tapped for full flow with plug catalogg Shuffle pins on center main bearing saddle Rear Main oil gallery plug drilled and tapped Available with 8mm or 10mm case savers installed Available with Supplied with all necessary fittings, oil line, mesa style oil cooler with fan, in-line oil thermostat, billet oil pump cover with plug, remote oil filter adapter and hose clamps.


These caps feature zero carbon tracking and precision machined brass inserts. Kit includes covers, gaskets, and all hardware.

This kit is top quality and you wont be disappointed. Colors are identical to our vinyl seat cover kits listed elsewhere in the catalog. Engine block must be machined for cam plug groove.

These easily installed springs are a must for any hi-performance engine. Sold in matched sets of eight. Bug, Bus, Ghia, Thing, Sq. Buypack vehicles which naturally require many more gear changes especially benefit from the closer ratio. You just cant afford to depend on stock parts when the going gets rough.

Bugpack: Parts & Accessories | eBay

Made of long-wearing vinyl. Comes ready to bolt in. These rings have all the features needed. Added material around combustion chamber.

The unit simply fits over the framework of the seat and restores the area that needs buildup from old age. Unit simply slips around the crankshaft to form a bullet proof setup. This lay back design also works well in those kit cars with super low roof lines. You have your choice of zinc or chrome finish. Comes with special hardware and bracket to ensure reliability.


Your engine breathes easier due to proper air flow. Valve cover designed for high lift rocker assemblies and optimum clearance with ease of installation using specially designed valve cover clips.

Throttle pedal repair kit is designed for late style pedal clusters. Kit also includes special 8mm nuts with 12mm head size for intake and exhaust manifold applications. One model fits oil hose sizes while the other is perfect for fuel line hose sizes.

Belt assemblies are supplied with lever latch buckles and assist straps for easy release operation. Not long ago we introduced our completely redesigned made in the U. Made of cut pile carpeting with vinyl bottom to prevent mildew. They specialize in providing rare and difficult catzlog find parts for classic VWs. Features a mini sump plate which acts as an oil reservoir. These case caatlog provide a better thread than original design steel stud to aluminum case.

Get their printed catalog.

Bug Pack Catalog

Extra length allows for use of engine mount plates for all out race cases. Catalob carpet manufacturing process eliminates the need for edge binding, thereby greatly reducing the cost but not the quality.

Sold in sets of 4 shims!