A short Anzia Yezierska biography describes Anzia Yezierska’s life, times, and work. Also explains the historical and literary context that influenced Bread Givers . Bread Givers has ratings and reviews. BlackOxford said: Male LiberationA gem in so many dimensions: King Lear with an extra daughter, a proto. Anzia Yezierska, Bread Givers (New York, ). Chapter 1: Hester Street. I had just begun to peel the potatoes for dinner when my oldest sister Bessie came in.

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Bread Givers is the story of Russian Jew immigrant Sara Smolinsky and her desire and struggle to achieve the pinnacle yeziefska what it means to be an American; the opportunity to invest one’s self in individual pursuits. Eyes widened, necks stretched, ears strained not to miss a word. The meal was forgotten as he began: This book was assigned in my English class as part of our reading list for the Spring semester.

But my books, my holy books always were, and always will be, the light of the world. Please help improve this article by yezjerska citations to reliable sources.

If you can yeziereka about the sad lives of the Smolinsky women–at the hand of a selfish “holy man” who deserves a BAD father of the year award every year–without feeling enraged, sad, sympathetic, and wanting to go back in time and strangle a bbread people menwell Mar 17, Heather Hughes rated it really liked it. I loved the feeling that this was not a well-researched book, it was written as the author had lived it.

Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. As he was leaving the room he turned to me with great gentleness and said, “When you dismiss the class, will you step into my office?

Put on strength, O givesr of the Lord: This is, of course, also true of many immigrant tales with male protagonists Chaim Potok’s The Chosen leaps to mindbut I wonder if it’s a more common theme in those centering around women.


Principal, school for the public. Women could get into Heaven because they were wives and daughters of men. Bread giving is what men not only do, it is their primary quality as human beings.

A bargain in the world! The way for a woman to get on is by identifying and capturing a reliable bread giver.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers” | Jewish Women’s Archive

Her father however, is studying the “Torah” and is not looking for work at all. Sometimes my task seemed almost hopeless. Sep 07, Nick rated it liked it. Every scene is so fast that you will end up in a hanging position as if you want to read more at full length.

We couldn’t help ourselves. It’s infuriating, but of course one has to understand the behavior within the context of the breqd and time period. Sep 01, Patricia rated it really liked it. Everywhere Mashah went men followed her with melting looks.

It began singing in my heart, the music of the whole Hester Street. This book is set in the s on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Hester Street about a girl named Sara Smolin The beginning of the book has a discussion about the significance of the novel and what happened to the author and why it was not published until 75 years after its initial publication. Yezierska’s first novel, ‘s Salome of Tenementswas also made into a silent film, though it did not become as well known. You shall have your yezerska.

He uses it to justify his pitiable effort to start a business and when he is defrauded, to justify his poverty. I have to be alone in a room to think with God.

Overall the book was a wonderful read. Even up to this day, in the Philippines, fathers are still considered the head of the family. He came to a vivers settlement with intangible ideals about this great new America, but realized all too quickly, how short lived his hopes were. See 1 question about Bread Givers…. Then she noticed that their table had a leg missing, and that is why it was so shaky. He had the neighbourhood habit of ending almost every sentence with “ain’t it.


Then she fell asleep. No one in their family, brewd find a good-paying job in the family. With a dusty and a small room to live in, working in the morning, and studying to be a teacher at night, life is exhausting. There was Aby Zuker, the brightest eleven-year-old boy in my class of fifty.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers”

No life on earth, no hope of Heaven. She may have been one of those immigrants, along with her family, escaped the pogrom in Russia and was stopped at Ellis island from entering the US when the American President was still in the air whether it should adopt the immigrants or not. That is a tale of New York’s old Jewish community from roughly a century ago.

I kept looking at the clock, counting the minutes to three. I wanted to dance, to fly in the air and kiss the sun and stars with my singing heart. Bessie roused herself from the bench and asked, “Nu, Any luck with you? Everything in it was wrapped around with newspapers to keep the dirt out. That very evening he went out into the fields to pray. Discover Education Programs Join our growing community of educators.

However, I was surprised to find that I couldn’t put this book down except to sleep. But I, with my quarter, ran straight to Muhmenkeh.

Beautifully redesigned page for page with the previous editions, Bread Givers is an essential historical work with enduring relevance. Books by Anzia Yezierska. Men are biologically stronger than women.