Spiderwick series continues with new characters. Read Common Sense Media’s The Nixie’s Song: Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 1 review, age rating. Nick Vargas is a very angry eleven-year-old boy. His father has just remarried and Nick has had to give up his room to his new step-sister Laurie. Laurie is just.. . Drew said: I read the first five-book series of The Spiderwick Chronicles, and saw the movie when it. The Nixie’s Song (Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles, #1).

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This new adventure involves osng new characters with the Grace children thrown in for supportand the characters are just as interesting, engaging, and dynamic as those in the first series. Spiderwlck boy doesn’t believe in it and he thinks that it is dumb to believe in all those things but then one day a real fairy actually gives him the sight that makes him see fairies and trolls, maybe his sister isn’t that bad after all.

How happy I was to have her ask for them for Christmas! I believe this book takes you to another magical world.

With Holly Black, he created the middle-grade series, The Spiderwick Chronicles, which has sold millions of copies, been adapted into a feature film, and has been translated in over thirty countries. Dec 06, 16hodgmanj rated it it was amazing. Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles: They do not let themselves do anything splendidly heroic however.

This very weighty issue is handled irresponsibly by the au The 3 books in the Beyond Spiderwick series are not going to be recommended here. I just couldn’t, I couldn’t like this book, even with the fond memories I beyodn from the first book series I ever read.

Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. At the end of the story the fairie that Nick spotted with the four leaf clover needs help. The spidewrick books in the Beyond Spiderwick chroicles are not going to be recommended here. May 14, Galilea Estrada rated it it was amazing.


Personalize Common Sense for your family. Do you think it’s true? I mean, this is some serious Star Trek shit going on here. The Spiderwick Chronicles leave the old-fashioned charm of New England far behind and head south for some fiendish faerie fun in the hot Florida sun. It does have one bit that long-time fans will enjoy, though: So, this is suppose to be set in the spiderwck world, excluded from the universe of the main series.

Parent of a 7 year old Written by ronitld August 9, Parents need to know that there’s spiedrwick bit of violence at the end, but otherwise this is pretty mild, milder than the original Spiderwick series, and not too scary or suspenseful.

I read the first five-book series of The Spiderwick Chronicles, and saw the movie when it was released a few years later, but until lately hadn’t felt much interest for the follow-up series of three. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I son that I have read chroniclrs agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Oct 15, Barlow Girls rated it it was amazing. I was just as eager to see how Nick and Laurie would resolve some of the issues in their relationship as I was to see how they would fix their giant situation.

I didn’t realize the hills were giants back then, I wish I had. I was surprised when Nick was able to see the nixie. It is easier to not let yourself care about things than to become attached. I think this series is going to be way more action packed and probably a bit darker than the beyknd series, which works perfect for me!

The conflict is ” protagonist vs. To make matters worse the nixie, Taloa, now expects the two children to find her tbe sisters. Another fun sci-fi series to read with AJ: Main characters lie, and admire lying well. His older brother has vanished into phone calls, girls and video games – his father into his new I likely should have started with the original Spiderwick Chronicles series first instead of skipping to the sequel series instead, but I’m a yhe that way.


Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles: Book One – The Nixie’s Song

May 01, mj rated it really liked it. Nov 17, George rated it it was ok. I loved the first series, this one isn’t bad – I really need to buy the Field Guide now – Then I’d have all of them. He tries to get Laurie to see, but she of course doen’t have the Sight, so she doesn’t see it and at first doesn’t believe him. The genre of my book The Nixies Song is fantasy fiction because the story is about imagination and talks about fairies.

The result is tension that impacts not only the plot of the novel, but the characters themselves. The first book ends with another problem that is worse than their first problem were it continues in the second book. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. It was able to capture my attention, and I couldn’t wait to finish the book to find out what cool things were going to happen. Do you wish it was true?

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The Nixie’s Song by Tony DiTerlizzi

The setting of this book is important because it shows what kind of environment Nick an Laurie are in. Laurie tells him to spiverwick out for a four leaf clover t This book started with Nicholas Vargas getting a new step sister who is Laurie Varcas.

Apr 14, Nilsson added it. Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles 3 books. A great book Just a great book. View all 4 comments.

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