Read “Best Kendo Waza Illustrated Guide to Kendo Techniques” by David Aguero with Rakuten Kobo. An illustrated guide of kendo techniques book filled with. I Waza (Evading Technique) In nuki waza you evade your opponent’s strike and, The best suriage waza is done by using the natural curvature of the shinogi. I touched on this in an earlier broader post on oji waza, but there (If this is not possible, then a good alternative kihon drill is to make your.

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By doing this you can encourage him or her to move in various ways. January 21, by Geoff. A Comprehensive Guide to Japanese Swordsmanship. We appreciate your feedback.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Kensen is of course moveable and the kissaki should not be fixed when you face your opponent.

I also think that we should practise all kejdo techniques on a regular basis, whether or not they are our favourites. If this is not possible, then a good alternative kihon drill is to make your opponent attack tsuki and respond with suriage men.

A Storm of Swords. One of the key things that we have to do to move up the grade ladder is to learn to face and dominate our opponent. This can be done in a number of ways. So if you block on omote you return the strike to ura and vice versa.


Best Kendo Waza

The Amazing Adventures of Phoenix Jones. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Because it works best as an oji waza they wait until their opponent makes a men attack and attempt nuki or kaeshi dou.

The other common misconception is that dou is a diagonal cut.

List of various Kendo techniques under the Shikake Waza or Oji Waza

Muay Thai Kickboxing For Beginners. By taking such a defensive action, he loses the ability to respond with a technique of his own and whilst my knowledge of orthopaedic surgery is slight to say the least, I imagine that the pain and inconvenience caused by serious elbow injury outweighs the shame of having your dou hit. I also do from time to time come into contact with shorter opponents, so it is worth keeping in reserve for these rare occasions.

So in katsugi waza, you lift your shinai towards your left shoulder in stead of above your head and strike kote, men or do.

Yet it is pretty hard to learn. It is commonly used to make an opening and strike.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Agnes Pauli added it Jun 28, You are commenting using your Facebook account. Practitioners resort to this technique only when they have exhausted all other methods and are yet to find an opening. The three techniques wazaa practised were men-suriage-men, men-kaeshi-dou and men-kaeshi-men.


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You really will appreciate these hakama! What they fail to take into account is that the other party will more often than not, automatically move out of the way after being hit. John Harper marked it as to-read Dec 08, Wsza waza – Derived from the Japanese word ‘katsugu’ which means carrying on your shoulder, this technique entails lifting your shinai over your shoulder in a deceptive gesture and surprising your opponent with a strike. Hikibana-kote is a good example wherein the opponent is distracted through a strike and creates sufficient gap in the process for another more effective strike to take place.

The session was led by his teacher, the late Furuya sensei and attended by numerous 8 th and 7 th dan members, many of whom were at least in their 60s. Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do. Learning Martial Arts Essentials. Emily Doggett rated it it was amazing Jan 14, Kendo Techniques Guide Kendo techniques are actually very simple.

Even when you block to make kaeshi-waza, if your kissaki is moving forward, you are able to block and strike in one movement, turning a defensive action into an attacking move.