Berlin in the s. Fraz Biberkopf has just been released from prison after serving four years for violence that resulted in the death of a girlfriend. He. Recently cited as one of the Most Meaningful Books of All Time by a survey reported in The Guardian, and with a new foreword by German-literary scholar. Alfred Döblin () studied medicine in Berlin and specialized in the treatment of nervous diseases. Along with his experiences as a.

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The more I’ve tried to resist the more I’ve failed miserably in reading this novel. He tells a better story.

Berlin Alexanderplatz by Alfred Döblin

Want to Read saving…. And thanks Matt for bringing Berlin Alexanderplatz to my attention again. As Franz struggles to survive in this world, fate teases him with a little pleasure before cruelly turning on him.

Berlin Alexanderplatz, too, just as easily focuses on snapshots of the ordinary denizens of this s underworld and, like Joyce, allow us to glimpse them in a cosmic context. Berlin Alexanderplatz is considered by many to be Fassbinder’s magnum opus. The Story of Franz Biberkopf. I was rooting for the man. It also has a plot. Hofmann’s englished Doblin Alfredxanderplatz by Alex Berlin, close enough, a spazmasterpiece of german prose fiction, is, to my ear, to them both, bell-ringingly reminiscent not of Yames Yoyce, nope no, but rather the’nglish of Tommy P in the more hyper-hysterical passages of G’s Rain B.

Doblin is living noir and this in translation – the original German must be even more alwxanderplatz and dark. He uses Berlin’s geography in much the same way Joyce does that of Dublin; I’m sure Doblin’s locat Until alexanderplatzz few months ago I’d never heard of this novel or of Doblin.

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View all 8 comments. Lei tira calci, sgambetta. And it actually worked out somehow, at least for Franz Biberkopf is an ordinary man, a strong working man, former mover of furniture and whisker of cement; small potatoes really.

The Story of Franz Biberkopf. For the place in Berlin, see Alexanderplatz. I also watched the 15hr movie from the It’s not really anything like Joyce, per the aledanderplatz blurbs, not musical, not based on classical lit, not really seeming to take on Goethe instead of Shakespeare. Contents Foreword by Alexander Stephan.

I believed that Berlin Alexanderplatz was the kind of picaresque historical novel I like so much, but it’s not. Other ‘parison that comesto mind are John Two Passos in his U S A, specifically the giddy polyphony of those camera eye newsreels. Selected pages Title Page.

Produced for and shown on German television init has also been shown theatrically. The harshness of his short sentences and the cutting rhythms of his prose sets a distance between the narrator’s voice and the events that happen so that it’s almost like he doesn’t want you to relate to them. As would Keith Talent! The Spanish here, again, is an exception. The alwxanderplatz is caught by its mouth. He also was acquainted with the prison director of the penitentiary Tegel, which he visited on several occasions.

Contents Foreword by Alexander Stephan. El resto de gestos humanos como la risa, el llanto, el amor, etc, son meros reductos del dolor. I read Anne Thompson’s translation, which uses heavy British slang.

I found this easier to read despite the fact that I used a g This book is said to be one of the required readings for high school students in Germany.


Franz is hopeless in particular, because he never looks for ulterior motives, he operates completely on the surface. Don’t you ever learn?

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Sometimes sentences start one way and then abruptly turn into something entirely different, or just peter out. Ryan, Judith November Quotes from Berlin Alexanderp But overall, a powerful immersive experience. He loses his arm from a foiled robbery, he becomes a pimp, he is framed for murder by his yhe Reinhold but because he is not bad-looking he also falls in love at one time.

This book is like that. I thus cannot help force-feeding myself stupidity every now and then. I don’t know how that relates to the original German, but I enjoyed the Britishisms a lot, cuz I fancy a fawken bit o’ cockney piss taking.

I immensely dislike this book despite it being a modern classic. Paperbackpages. The Story of Franz Biberkopf during the s, he was still practicing medicine in a working-class area of Berlin, and thus had a thorough knowledge of the activities around Alexanderplatz. It reminded me of the time when I was in still living in our hometown located in a Pacific island. Jolas not only had first-hand experience of the hectic, yet fascinating life in big European cities, but he also knew James Joyce and edited his works, and was acquainted with many avant-garde writers of the s.

I didn’t empathize with him. Berlin Alexanderplatz 2 16 Aug 16,