With more than 20 years of extensive experience in long-term archiving of medical image data, aycan offers aycan universal archive, a vendor-neutral archiving. Several features/plug-ins have been added to aycan’s OsiriX PRO workstation to significantly expand its functionality. The new features will be showcased at. Die aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH ist ein modernes und innovatives System- und Softwarehaus in der Medizintechnikbranche. DICOM Print, DICOM Printer.

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If you have a Mac running OsiriX 3.

In order to receive push notifications, you must enable the service during installation yacan the aycan mobile application. What is a Contact List? Native Apple Mac thick-client software. Immediate, live, service and support.

aycan mobile – aycan Medical Systems

A full list of plug-ins with FDA clearance and CE Marking are listed on the back page and under each of the following sections as appropriate. The loaded Series will appear in the database with a little green viewer icon, making it easier to locate. Automatic bit AES encryption. This list contains all the contacts friends, partners you approved. Key tools and functions for general diagnostic use include: Learn how this is easily done and all the benefits of using a Mac over a PC for post processing.


JPEG compression protocol is supported on all ‘retrieve’ modes: Once you get your Mac on the list, select it and you will be able to remotely browse the content of its OsiriX database and transfer images that you need. What is a Push Notification? It combines ease-of-use, such as a narrow bezel design to help your eyes swiftly move from one monitor to another, with new functions to help you focus on your work and maintain high performance.

Connect Your Enterprise

These crash reports are stored on your iOS device at the time of the crash. You are able to send data from the aycan workstation ayMobile plug-in to all the persons you have approved and listed in the application.

For information on older versions please contact our service. On the next screen you will be able to set the search aycna filter for retrieving the images you want from the remote server or workstation.

Advanced hanging protocols, optimized for mammography workflow, ensure a fast and consistent reading of studies. You can either display a unique viewer or two viewers on the screen. The current slice is displayed with an orange line.

aycan mammography workstation – aycan Medical Systems

Toggle Sliding Bar Area. The new images will progressively be transferred and added to your local database tap the “Database” tab to select them for display. Immediate, live, personal service and support. OsiriX PRO also enables image fusion between two different series. A variety of EIZO monitors are available and certified to work with the aycan mammography workstation.


Home Dennis van Keken T With the FusionSync plug-in, the necessity for tedious and time-consuming manual adjustment of your view settings is history. What are the minimal system requirements for aycan workstation? With purchase, you’ll also receive one full year of free service and upgrades. Support breast tomosynthesis objects. Single platform for all types of medical imaging. Intuitive usability and the following OsiriX PRO tools and features add to easy, fast and secure aydan imaging.

The ayReport plug-in with universally recognized PDF report templates allows easy report completion and sharing. You can either press on a thumbnail or drag and drop the thumbnail on the view where you want to display the series. The files will start with the name of the application and contain a date stamp. Supporting a wide array of clinical needs—from dentistry, mammography, and oncology to vascular surgery and teleradiology, aycan solutions are at home in any field of medicine and in any environment, large or small.