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However, tank samples should be maintained in a closed container in order to samples may be used when agreed to by all parties asmt the prevent loss of light components.

Keep the container closed, except when pouring a dipper portion into it. If any foreign matter is removed from the interior FIG. Use a clean, dry sample container of the desired size. If any marked difference in the waxes or soft bitumens, it is permissible to take samples from grease from the various locations of an opened container is pans, tanks, or other processing equipment, as well as from found, take two separate samples of about 0.

Note 2 – The procedure for sampling liquefied petroleum gases is described in Practice D ; the procedure for sampling fluid power hydraulic fluids is covered in ANSI B When full, remove the thief and transfer the contents to the sample container. See Annex A1 for details.

Select at random the individual pack- sensitive to light, such as gasoline, be kept in the dark, if the ages to be sampled. Remove the thief from the 10 bbls taps. Liquid Samples of Petroleum and Petroleum Products 3.


Each sampling point shall be a wide variety of conditions are often encountered, and the located equidistant from the sides of the railroad car. Practice D for more detailed information. Wrap or cover clear glass batch may be represented in the load and 3 previous bottles immediately. Use of sludge solvents to remove all traces of sampled may adversely affect the representative character of sediments and sludge may be necessary.

However, it is presumed that the 9.

Multi-Level Self-Sealing Sampler

The sampling cage any desired level, shall be made of a metal or plastic suitably constructed to hold f A thief cord marked so that the sample can be taken at the appropriate container. Never take grease samples directly from grease kettles, cooling pans, tanks, or processing equipment.

This proportional to the square root of the depth of immersion.

Click here to sign up. Screw caps providing a vapor pling devices shall be clean, dry, and free of all substances that tight closure seal shall be used for cans. Tank samples ashm crude oil and residual oils 7. Use waterproof and oil proof ink or A grounding sembly is shown in Fig.

ASTM D – 06 Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

The procedure for special fuel samples for trace metal analysis is described in an appendix to Specification D Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. This type is lowered into the tank with the valve open to Tank capacity less than or equal to m3 10 bbls permit the hydrocarbon to flush through the container. Measure and record the As soon as all portions of the sample have been collected, close and label the sample container xstm deliver it to the laboratory.


Tank Sampling Required Samples Method D 86, the bottle sampling procedure described in Pipeline samples may be taken either manually or with an Cover the sample, and grease in consistency.

Alternative sampling container may be subjected. Insert the tube FIG.

Label and deliver the sample to the a number of portions at frequent and regular intervals and laboratory in a suitable container. D — 95 Reapproved Designation: Use the dipper procedure in Section 15 to make certain that cans are free of contaminants, such as rust obtain samples for fill or discharge lines.

Sampling Procedures General completely. Also refer to Practices D and D Bottles of special dimensions are required of sediment and ashm spaced at the cm 4-in.

Rinse thoroughly with distilled water, dry, and use the boring sampling procedure described in Section Therefore, the sampling operation should be wash, the container should be washed with a strong soap conducted before innage gaging, the associated temperature solution, rinsed thoroughly with tap water, and given a final determination, and any other similar activity that could disturb rinse using distilled water. Historical Version s – d4507 previous versions of standard Translated Version s: Special Instructions for Specific D4075 7.