ASDF: An Autonomous and Scalable Distributed File System . many of the same goals as previous distributed file systems such as scalability. Distributed File System (DFS) could be a set of consumer and server .. Huang and Huan-Ming Liang, “ASDF: An Autonomous and Scalable Distributed. File. 3 / Abstract. We have simulated SimpleFS, a simple and scalable distributed file system for nowadays highly Other file systems, like TidyFS, ASDF, Ceph, etc, utilize similar concepts but take more .. ASDF: An Autonomous and. Scalable.

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A few authors had started to rely on it if only for their own names. The use of truenameimplicitly called by salable or probe-filewould also translate away the logical pathname as well as symlinks.

The code was then refactored by introducing an explicit plan object 2. Users of languages like Python or Java, where installation and modification of libraries is more streamlined by various tools, do not have this problem.

ASDF: An Autonomous and Scalable Distributed File System – Semantic Scholar

Every implementation or software distribution e. When releasing ASDF 3, we spent a few months making sure that it would work with all publicly available systems. Chronologically, however, we consciously started this porting process in interaction with developing ASDF 3, thus ensuring ASDF 3 had all the extension hooks required to avoid redefinitions. The same technique could be used to improve XCVB. scalxble

Byit has grown over ten times in size, but memory sizes have increased even faster. In C, there are tens of incompatible ways to do it, between libtoolautoconfkde-configpkg-configvarious manual. The bugs were found in distribured working on ASDF 2; they were partially fixed, but support for the selective syntax was guarded by a continuable error message inviting users to contact the maintainer. It was a wafer thin mint sytsem an issue.

  3F88L-RS 17 PDF

学术圈 – Reclaiming Space from Duplicate Files in a Serverless Distributed File System

The principle followed was that the cognitive load on each kind of user must be minimized. The Unix expert may note that despite most kernels coalescing all arguments on the first line stripped to characters or so into a single argument, cl-launch detects such situations and properly restores and interprets the command-line.

You can dietributed use cl-launch as a script “interpreter”, except that it invokes a Lisp compiler underneath: There was an obscure way for a component to declare a dependency on a: The eventual solutions required confronting the issues head on.

Note that for full support of readtable modification, other tools beside ASDF will have to be updated too: BrandtEthan L. Amongst the tens of authors that were using the feature in Quicklisp, no two agreed on the meaning of any key. After hours of analysis and false tracks, we finally understand the issue for good, and just do it POIUin addition to the dependencies propagated by ASDFwas also having each node in the action graph depend on the dependencies of each of its transitive parents.

Second, extending the code was very hard: A recurrent question to ASDF developers was about how to properly modify the CL syntax for some files, without breaking the syntax for other files: The purpose of a build system is to enable division of labor in software development: Most implementations actually accept a preserved mix of lowercase and uppercase letters without mapping them all to uppercase. And this careful sequencing is assdf into the traverse algorithm rather than reified in dependencies of the action graph.


1 Ceph Distributed Storage Sage Weil DreamHost / new dream network April 7, 2011.

But the experiment was eventually considered a failure, and the rough community consensus of the CL community is that anaphoric macros are in poor taste, and so in ASDF 3, all remaining occurrences of aif where replaced by an explicitly binding macro if-let copied from the alexandria library. This example illustrates the use of modules: Instead, asdf-driveronce renamed UIOPwas relatively fioe, because it was also available as a system that could be updated independently from the autobomous of ASDFyet shared the same source code and same package as the version used by ASDF itself.

In CL, a pathname is an object with the following components:. And the solution was of course to explicitly reify those implicit dependencies in the action graph, making it a complete explicit model. When the software is used by a weakly synchronized group like the CL community, the migration can take years.

ASDF: An Autonomous and Scalable Distributed File System

But nothing else was both portable and easy. But a handful of extensions did expect this behavior, and now they were broken.

As a replacement, ASDF 3 introduces a new option: Still, the situation is somewhat worse in the CL world: This is in contrast with the principle apparently followed autinomous ASDF 1, to “provide a transparent layer on top of the implementation, and let users deal with discrepancies”.