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German Aquascaping is the modern art form of setting up an aquarium. For plants and animals, a harmonious environment is created, and at the same time the humans have an esthetic and attractive accent for their aquascapjng room.

Aquascaping is thought to be — quite erroneously — complicated and a lot of work. The globally known, prize-winning aquarium layouter Oliver Knott shows in this book that even total beginners can become true aquascapers if they have some basic knowledge and a bit of instinct. On the example of three different complete aquarium sets with different equipment and from different price categories he gives step-by-step instructions in this practical handbook, and he adds many hints and tips from his practical work so you can set up a beautiful yet easy to maintain aquascape.


Algen-Fibel Aquarium – Garnelaxia Webshop – Aquascaping, Dwarf shrimps & small fish

To be able to use our Onlineshop in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser. Invertebrates in the aquarium have enjoyed great popularity for many years.

Shrimps, snails and the small crayfish are particularly suitable for the very popular small nano-aquariums, but are also quite popular in larger Aquascapes. Invertebrates in your Aquarium. Every Aquarium will come to “life” and get a natural look thru nice colored and perfect growing aquarium fiel Plants in the aquarium are indispensable for a nice optic and good working Large selection of best quality Food for your Aquarium Shrimp.

Minerals, vitamins and proteins for a healthy feeding of your Ornamental Shrimp. Feeding and Natural Products. Aqascaping is the design of natural landscapes in the aquarium. Similar to Japanese gardening, mountainous landscapes, canyons, hills or forest sceneries are recreated in small scale and brought aquawcaping a harmonious balance.

Aquascaping and Nature Aquarium.

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The water treatment in the Aquarium includes everything that you need for water conditioning, mineral supply e. A lot in the Aquarium works with technology. From the lighting, filter technology, reverse osmosis water systems or CO2 technology.


Also the heating and cooling in the Aquarium works by technical devices and is most indispensable for good living Technic for your Aquarium Tank. Aquariums are, of course, the basic equipment of every aquarium enthusiast. The question whether it should be a smaller Nano Aquarium complete set, or rather a larger separate aquarium with the desired dream dimensions is not always easy to Aquariums and Aquarium Sets.

Auascaping to keep “printed” in the hand and reading relaxed in the evening with Print media is still different than researching only on the Internet. Books, Magazines and Calendars enrich your thirst for knowledge anytime for easy readable P on purchase receive bonus points now.

We are happy to help you Question to this product. Guide to aquascaping in German.