Cristina Mateescu ()- Apiterapia sau cum sa folosim produsele stupului pentru sanatate – Ed. Fiat Lux, Bucuresti. 2. Calcaianu, Gh. ()- Propolisul. Mr. Siceanu, a researcher of Apiterapia, and Hideo Yamada, President of the The other person was Ms. Cristina Mateescu, who is the most active female staff. Post reply > Ramhend Apiterapia Cristina Mateescu Pdf Download – ef1da23cbc. Site.>>

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Equally, or possibly more, precious to us as getting to know the people of Romania was discovering the philosophy of “apitherapy”.

Therefore, “apitherapy” means “an effort to actively use honeybee products for human health”. As generally known, in apietrapia modern medicine of the West, treatment is applied after one acquires a disease.

However, in the East, a centuries-old tradition says “one should build a body’s strength against illness to keep it healthy”. In Romania, the country of apitherapy, this thought has been put to apiterapai use through apiculture for a long time. Siceanu was one of the two people who gave us the tour of the institution.

Around the World, People of the World Bee Square Yamada Bee Farm

He is a specialist in the ecology of bees, and also deals with the development and improvement of apicultural technology. He bears the important role of Marketing Manager for Apipondia International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associationswhich is cristnia international organization for apiculturists.


The other person was Ms. Cristina Mateescu, who is the most active female staff member of Apimondia, and an expert developer of medicines and cosmetics derived from bee products.

Unlike the usual image of such a facility bearing the name “Medical Center”, Apiterapia is a more general-purpose facility. The primary feature, one may notice, is research.

Moderadores y Oradores – Apimedica

It has its own research laboratory where a wide range of research has been carried out regarding the use of royal jelly and propolis, including that of medicines and cosmetics, as well as for food.

Biological studies of bees, analyses and quality assessments of bee products, studies on therapeutic properties of bee products from the medical point of view, and so on have been undertaken.

Mateescu is one of the researchers at this laboratory. She showed us, while we were still in awe, the wide range of their research projects, as well as some old literature and records of prescriptions based on bee products, explaining that: Mateescu, a researcher at Apiterapia, sharing her knowledge.


Yamada Bee Farm Kagaminocho Pref.

Apiterapia cristina mateescu pdf free

Around the World, People of the World. All rights reserved by the Mico Cristiina. Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is indeed a city of gardens.

Unfortunately my visit there only lasted for 10 days, from the 16th till the 26th of May, But during that time I fully enjoyed the green trees endlessly lined on the city streets and the colorful flowers so proudly in bloom in the gardens that are found everywhere. I was with a team of visitors from my company and, even though we were unexpected guests from a foreign country, all of us were met kindheartedly by the Romanian people whom we came to find so natural, simple, and warmhearted.

Meeting with such people alone was delightful, but something even better was awaiting us on this trip.