Anthills of the Savannah. Chinua Achebe. Published ONE. _First Witness– Christopher Oriko__. ‘YOU’RE WASTING EVERYBODY’S TIME, Mr. Plot Summary of Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe Plot (Plot is the major action in a text.) Anthills of the Savannah centres around three. The novels of the Nigerian writer Chinua Achebe present an essential Anthills of the Savannah, Achebe’s first novel in more than 20 years.

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With the coming of a newborn baby, there is a glimmer that the path of Chris, Ikem and the people of Kangan will never close. He is a soldier who has soft spot for the so-called bloody civilians. After he has convinced Professor Okong with his opinion, Major Sam instructs him to address the delegation on his behalf telling them that the Head of State avhebe too busy to see them.

Anthills Of/Savannah

When Beatrice learns that Elewa’s mother may not show chjnua for the naming ceremony of Elewa’s baby, she volunteers to conduct the naming ceremony. If you’re into more “serious” postcolonial fare, this would probably be the ticket. However, we can say that her appearance at the party goes a long way to show anthiills women are carefully represented in every segment of the novel. Later in the day, Ikem is served with a letter of suspension signed by the purported Chairman of Kangan Newspapers Corporation, publishers of the National Gazette.

The Death of Chris: Not quite long, Chris is declared a wanted person by the military junta. Although he is an active public official, Alhaji Mahmoud does not always appear in public functions. For conducting a state burial for Chris, I can say that General Rhe ideology, mentality and orientation are quite different from that of his former boss, Major Sam.

Although Elewa does not show achebw overt romantic love for Ikem throughout the novel, she no doubt weeps uncontrollably when she receives the news of his death. Again, one would have expected Braimoh to disdain and condemn Chris, a member of a despotic government, to his fate but Braimoh seems to see the humanity of Chris rather than his occupation.

They are complicit in their own shame. This chapter could be said to be the anticlimax of Anthills achhebe the Savannah.

Anthills of the Savannah – Wikipedia

Chapter Three reveals yet another paradox in the act of governance. There is no doubt that Anthills of the Savannah centres on the art of governance.


Many civilians often think that all the officers in uniform are direct beneficiaries of a military regime but the truth is often revealed when there is another coup. If not, he would have handed him over to the police. Charles Johnson, writing for the Washington Postpraised the book, but faulted Achebe for failing to fully flesh out his characters. This study guide contains the following sections: For this reason, Head of State asks Chris to prepare a sack letter to be sent to Ikem but Chris refuses.

I found the plot a little muddled and it didn’t seem to ever head in a very clear direction. Achebe was active in Nigerian politics from the s till his death, and many of his novels address the post-colonial social and political problems that Nigeria still faces.

Despite his dogged resolution to punish the people of Abazon for not supporting him to become a life president, Major Sam orders Professor Okong to attend to the delegation from Abazon off camera and to give them false hope that their petitions will be looked into.

Beatrice is particularly disturbed by Agatha’s overt wickedness despite her regular show of religiosity. Radical Struggle Another major theme I have found in Anthills of the Savannah is radical struggle which is chlnua in the sqvannah.

After graduation, he worked for the Nigerian Broadcasting Service and soon moved to anthillw metropolis of Lagos. Chinua Achebe is a writer of immense standing, and reading his five novels I have been struck again and again at the depth and poetry of his language, and the insight he provides into, for me, an otherwise unknown culture.

She is Beatrice’s late sister. He ponders on the high level of intelligence of the less educated artists who have inscribed such soul-searching words.

Because of the pursuit of power, one of the trios, Sam who was hitherto friends turns his back from his other od and even threatens to kill them. After Beatrice and other guests have been treated to sumptuous meals and drinks, Major Sam takes her to the dance floor and when he is fully charged, he takes her by the hand to the balcony to have sex with her.

Anthills of the Savannah

Book 1 done and dusted. The novel follows three characters through this maelstrom. As usual, Major Johnson Ossai, Director of SRC swings into action as he summons mad Medico, whom he thinks, has some relationship with Ikem, for interrogation and consequently, deportation. Power A critical analysis will reveal that Achebe is talking about the issue of power in the novel. It is almost like you wait for exams to get over and when they are finally over you do not know how to manage the free time since you have been so focused on seeing them through that your head is heavily blocked up with that.


The notorious Posts and Telegraphs employee in the next flat where Ikem lives. Sounds like an interesting premise, but don’t be fooled. The ‘fictitious’ land cinua Kangan andit’s capital city Bassa.

This is not a brilliant book. Compare and contrast the leadership qualities of Chris and Major Sam. De mannen komen uit het noorden van het land en daar is een grote droogte gaande.

Achebe proves yet again that traditional tribal beliefs have a place in African modernity. Somehow I feel as if I’ve committed a crime by rating an Achebe book like this–big Chinua Achebe fan. He misunderstands their peaceful demonstration as an act of rebellion and insurrection that needs to be crushed with a military might. For instance, a breed of wild cat called Savannah Cat and Savannah Monitor medium sized specie of monitor lizard have been researched to be native to Africa.

The novel centres around the lives of 3 friends – Chris,Beatrice and Ikem – who are all, in one form or another, dissident voices under the new military regime. Even te Major Sam demands his confirmation or objection to anthjlls fears, Attorney-General speaks more than needed. The fate of Kangan hangs in the balance as tensions rise and a devious plot is set in motion to silence a firebrand critic.

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe | : Books

The central group of characters around which the novel revolves speak in a formal, perfect English. A Struggle to Overcome a History of Suffering Anthills of the Savannah is a chronicle of continuous struggle by the people to overcome a history of suffering brought about by bad government. In fact, the only time they come close to being together in the novel is when Ikem visits the delegations from Abazon.

Not quite long the Army Council announces his Major Ossai’s promotion to the rank of full colonel. He was also quite influential in the publication of new Nigerian writers. I also found it intriguing, though, and that interest persists.