‘Alistar MacLean is one of the few people writing today who has a story to tell’ Daily Express. ‘A magnificent storyteller’ Sunday Mirror. ‘The most successful. MacLean’s last novel, Partisans (), only made it onto the Times bestseller list for one week, in the #15 slot; loyal readers, perhaps, are. Reissue of the tense tale of a deadly terrorist plot set Holland, from the acclaimed master of action and suspense. AMSTERDAM AIRPORT HAS DISAPPEARED.

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I kept reading to the end, in the hope that the story would shift up a gear and provide a worthwhile climax.

Nevertheless the main characters were explored enough character wise. From inside the book. Floodgate is one of his ‘not great’ floodgae.

FLOODGATE by Alistair MacLean | Kirkus Reviews

Eagle in the Sky. I say this as a fan of Alistair MacLeanhaving read almost all of his books: This time the chatting begins when a mysterious terrorist group called F. The opening chapter begins in flpodgate aftermath of a terrorist attack in Holland, Schipol airport flooded, and MacLean evokes the watery graveyard of destroyed aircraft with an eerie intensity.

A real pleasure reading an author who knows his English. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to alisyair Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. On recollection, this bad experience has neither tarnished nor encouraged my opinion of the author, and the fact that I still hold true, that the premise to the book sounded very intriguing, I can see myself picking up another MacArthur book in the future, but in the mean time, floodgatr shall take one star, and I am therefor, born a legitimate book critic, Ha.



If only I could have started on a better note. In the Dutch version only a Fokker Friendship is destroyed on the runway. The main characters speech and way of interacting was rather strange and distracting.

For great lengths of time, there’s nothing but dialogue and you just want something, anything to happen. MacLean’s last novel, Partisansonly made it onto the Times bestseller list for one week, in the 15 slot; loyal readers, perhaps, are coming to realize that the onetime action king is now the king of nonstop talk–padding out thin plots with yards flooodgate soporific dialogue.

Floodgate by Alistair MacLean

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. To a large degree, I enjoyed this book although it did have some flaws.

But this story wasn’t close to the level set by the former book of his that I read. Floodgate by Alistair MacLean. Jan 09, Ricky Orr rated it did not like it. Would you like us to take another look at this review?

He disguises himself as an explosives expert and worms his way into their operation, but can he discover what their real target is without revealing his identity to the very men who have been after his life for years? Peter Van Effen, a senior officer in the Amsterdam police force, is floodgatf on to investigate a group of terrorists who are threatening all of the Netherlands with devastating floodwaters.


Apr 30, Ishan Nag rated it liked it. I have read other Alistair MacLean books that I have enjoyed more.

Shout at the Devil. Aug 31, Matthew rated it really ailstair it. A top Amsterdam detective and two undercover cops are the best hope of stopping them in time. It is well-written for a book of the genre, although there are elements of the plot that could have been extemporised on if the book were longer.

An odd one, this. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Mar 26, Stefan rated it really liked it. Quite a passable beach read, but not a lot more. All dialogues are packed with information for the reader, but making the characters sound very unnatural – nobody would talk like that to his colleagues, friends etc – very annoying!!!

I’ve been a MacLean fan for years.