Cain’s Book has ratings and 33 reviews. MJ said: Trocchi’s final and most fêted work (apart from the odds-and-ends poetry shambles, Man at Leisure, a. So begins Cain’s Book, Alexander Trocchi’s incredible novel of existential dread. Young Adam, its predecessor, is better known, but the latter is. Cain’s Book by Alexander Trocchi – book cover, description, publication history.

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I considered it to be a little disjointed which is I guess what a junky should sound like when writing a novel. Feb 14, Brendan Boehning rated it really liked it. Jan 20, Jonathan rated it really liked it.

She wasnt a hooker when they met. Read this in college, lost my copy sadly What I loved about this book was the narrative. Forget those who booj it’s about addiction: Jan 31, Jaimee Hart rated it really liked it. Although he was never published in MerlinAmerican writer Terry Southern who lived in Paris from became a close friend of both Trocchi and his colleague Richard Seaver, a Alexander Trocchi was a Scottish novelist.

I did think the book stands up very well to the test of time. There are doctors, painters, lawyers troccbi dope, and they can still function.

The writer was Alexander Trocchi. I think you would like it.

Cain’s Book

When he thought of it he thought of destiny and he felt himself without will. I can think of no more important or pointed social novel to read from the last century. It was the fifties in Paris— and there was a mood—the existential mood. I see it totally differently every time I come back to it.

He was a drug addict and a pinball addict.

The publisher was Grove Press. And we want these elements. When I write I have trouble with my tenses.


He had charisma—a terrific magnetism that drew people into alexandr orbit and this he combined with gift 3—the ability to manipulate these people to satisfy his needs which were: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Although I will probably read his other novel as well at some point just to see if it’s any better.

Cain’s Book by Alexander Trocchi

All this to say that junkie lit has certain elements in it that are as predictable as a Betty and Veronica comic. Preview — Cain’s Book by Alexander Trocchi.

No skepticism is possible for the man who by a series of sharp and slight dunts tries troccbi control the machine. I would remain aware, a little pocket of coherence in the city of dreadful night.

Paris Review – from Cain’s Book

This was the sixties and in the sixties there was a particular kind of writer—the Grove Press writer. Cain’s Book finds hidden eddies in the seemingly static water of banal everyday life, and the vistas this book opens up remain hardly explored 50 years on. I have a horror of committing fraud. Tight with the Paris Review crowd, The Situationists, the porn group at Olympia, and drug addict galore. Published November 11th by Grove Press first published Cain’s Book is a novel by Scottish beat writer Alexander Trocchi.

The case is notable in that the court’s alexanfer was the first in the UK to condemn a book for obscenity not for sexual content but for “the lifestyle it advocated. Our protagonist, Joe Necchi, opts for words, heroin and, primarily, play as models for escape from and the rejection of the world’s many labels and expectations–each strategy presents itself, to greater and lesser degrees, as a tragic insufficiency perhaps, but they are all-too-logical and at least temporarily consoling actions in the face of the mind-numbing conformity that is still with us in the modern materialistic pseudo-Christian nation-state.


French Connection 2, Panic in Needle Park, Trainspotting, the dirty cottons of William Burroughs’ oeuvre, and so on, nod off along various parts of this continuum and we know every station of this cross. Nechhi occasionally details trips into the city to vook heroin, recollects his childhood in Glasgow, or talks of his attempts to troccni a book.

The war had finished that one off—in spades.

Oct 25, Jason rated it liked it. What a beautiful book! It was this book alone that convinced me that the life playing out between my ears needed release onto paper.

The junky genius of Alexander Trocchi

I have smoked a joint. By this time he was on the junk, his wife and children had returned to England and less of his time was spent writing and more hanging out in cafes playing pinball. Alexander Trocchi was a Scottish novelist. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Jul 01, Lance Grabmiller rated it it was amazing. Dec 07, Unclemark rated it it was amazing. Can’t really say why I loved this book so much.

A remarkable novel by just about any standard. I bought the book and knocked it off that night. The stories of his wild and tragic life are infamous and extensively documented in many of the leading “swinging 60s” biographies Marianne Faithfull ‘s account of doing drugs with Tdocchi is one of the best.