mjk: one thing always goes wrong with me in the aimcat cat i m able to solve . -missed it AIMCAT Total Students S1-Cutoff S2-Cutoff 1IIM-Cutoff IIM-Cutoff S1-Score 1 78 32 13 76 49 are the Waitlisted candidates for admission to PGPM/PGP-IM/PGP-HR ( 13) p First Waitlist AIMCAT Questions and Solutions.

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Possible though there is no official info abt it. In i couldnt attempt any quesyion of LR thomas: Can the percentage score be estimated to make it to the top b-schools assuming amcat normal CAT difficulty level?

Do not give up reading. Work on eliminating the wrong answer choice. Sir I have 1. In case you have attempted these question types and repeatedly get them correct Hello sir, In the one of the RC questions, Question 2 of section 2.

Isn’t an advantage for him. IIM I-Dubai course is doing pretty well though.

All-India Free Mock CAT

Material – Fill in the balnks and confusable words – Also refer to T. These papers are not available any where as it is legally not allowed to reveal any question of online version of CAT. Work with the bsm provided to you,later on solve online sec tests,mock cat,crt and Aimcat papers.


At result page, rank corresponding to 91 marks is but my rank is You have to work on killing the silly mistakes – accuracy issue. Is there a good way to deal with these type of questions? Sir,an off-topic question,but I need an urgent reply to it from an experienced and reliable source as you. You should always be prepared for the unplanned.

I am eligible for applying to the new course that IIM I has staated: Plz reply Sir, what should I do on a daily basis in english??. What is speed maths sir.

SNAP would be an easy test. You should be able to understand the meanings of words from the context. Are you working on speed maths? Sir,mostly topics, I have completed it from the study material.

Chat Transcript

You need to concentrate on word usage as well as grammar mistakes like article errors, pronoun and preposition errors in aimczt sentences. Don’t lose hope yet. CAT is a reader’s test.

Sir, when am taking AIMCATS iam able to solve only 15 questions though i come across 25 questions ,but after viewing aimdat later am able to solve 25 questions almost. I understand the context of the passage,I understand what the writer is trying to tell.

Do aimxat treat it like a do or die situation. Does work experience of months have no value as far as marks allocated to work ex are concerned???


I have always had quantophobia while being very comfortable with Verbal Reading sources for practice have been given in various points of the chat. You will do one aimcay of reading everyday and then 30 mins of V. This is of moderate diff level Any slot is as good as any other.

AIMCAT 1313 – Information, Scores, Discussions

Hi Sir, Which exams have paper-pen xams and which have online tests like cat. How to tackle this problem? Sir, My attempt in both the sections have been very low First you will skim through the passage i.

You may be talking about – then, yes you have to take it from home. SIR, my friend one Mr saran from cet got Would the key be released as to know one’s absolute performance and percentiles for relative perfrmance? On the day, it doesnt make any 13133. Sir, I am having only marks in section 2 always.