The Kings’ dwarf monitor (Varanus kingorum) is one of the smallest species of monitor lizard in existence. The King’s dwarf monitor is smaller than an ackie, and perhaps not as robust, but it’s still . Blood and Short-tailed Python Care Sheet. like to add to this care sheet,please contact [email protected] One Or Two? One is fine,but two is more fun for you and the monitors. Advocating and performing proper monitor lizard husbandry.

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Find Us On facebook. Red Ackies may get slightly bigger then yellows. King and Rhodes discovered that females with a snout-to-vent SVL between 10 to 12 centimeters 3. Large monitor lizards are generally considered asocial, whereas acanthurus and other small monitors have been found living in monnitor colonies S.

If you bought an adult ackie monitor that has not been handled, follow the steps for taming babies.

Ackie Monitor Care

I recommend leaving a bowl of insects inside the enclosure at all times for the ackie monitor can eat when it so pleases. While other keepers have reported incubation times as short as 90 days, all of my eggs hatch around the day mark. Reasons for providing UVB: Due to their small size, intelligence, calm demeanor ackoe incredible reproductive output, “ackies” are on their way to being America’s new favorite lizard.

The red form being V. Other types of soil are also suitable. I do not recommend handling breeding females, as this could possibly stress them and causing egg-laying complications. I recommend using either birch or oak wood. The greatest clue to whether a female has laid is if the burrow is filled in and she is sitting near the entrance or on top sheeet the lay box. I have yet sheeg hear of or see a burn on an acanthurus.


Spiny-Tailed Monitor Lizard Care Tips

Blood and Short-tailed Python Care Sheet The best blood and short-tailed python care and information. Like bearded dragons, Ackies sueet from the dryer regions of Australia and need similar but not the same conditions. You should handle the monitor at the store or expo to ensure that they are healthy.

The King’s dwarf monitor is one of the smallest monitor species, rarely exceeding 9 inches. Male’s also have spurs by their vent which are usually larger and firmer then the females spurs.

Leave your hand inside the enclosure for ten minutes twice a day. If it hides and does not move for days on end after being handled, decrease handling time and frequency.

Spiny-Tailed Monitor Lizard Care Tips

While a wide variety of food will be accepted, some foods are more readily eaten than others and some are far more appropriate as food items than others. They prefer closer sheft.

This will allow your Ackies to thermalregulate its temperature and still feel secure. All insects are dusted with Repashy CalciumPlus supplement. Ackies like it HOT. For some reason, ackies have the tendency to stuff themselves in the smallest places they can find when they are going to sleep. They love to dig and create burrows. Occasionally, I will remove the male for a month or two if it looks like his breeding efforts are preventing the female from getting enough food or being able to bask in peace.


Clutches are usually laid between two weeks and two months apart, depending on the health and age of the female, and some females, usually the younger ones, have been known to lay as many as six clutches during a single breeding season F.

I recommend using a non toxic water proofing stain as well, there will not be a lot of humidity in the cage, but it will increase the overall life of the enclosure. Female ackies will “mate” other females as well as males, and males may mate other males, although this behavior seems to decrease with maturity. Live insects and pinkies are grabbed swiftly at mid-body and then brought to “killing stations.

An enormous inch red was also found near Wyndham, an area also within the range of V.

You want it to be built strong enough to contain plenty of dirt as these guys love to dig. We sell livefood so I always have a wide range avaiable so I am a bit spoilt for choice.

Ackies Monitor

For babies, it is especially important to provide adequate humidity, as I would imagine dehydration could quickly occur at the high temperatures these lizards enjoy. I would like to thank Frank Retes for his many useful comments. Comments are always appreciated!