Database user: a2billinguser. Database user password: a2billing. Now run script to create tables and insert some basic configuration data. hi. i am using elastix version() any1 tell me a good configuration guide for a2billing.. no matter what i do i get “the extension. Hi i am new here in this field don’t have depth knowledge just installed a2billing on v.p.s i wanted to see call tracking in a2billing of sip clients.

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That is underscore character followed by period or dot character.

For instance configuraiton can define that you can to bill the customer 0. Note that if you change the currency, you also have to update the currencies under Billing Currency List Trunks Create the trunks to the service provider in Asterisk, and confirm they work by configuring an extension in Asterisk and dialling out via the new trunk.

We do not cover the installation of the callback daemon.

Go to the bottom left and set to display all. For ease of use, a trunk can be associated with a provider, Or as Areski would say: Here you define the different roles for different administrators.

If you dont know anything about administrators then Least Cost Dialing – search the best termination with configurwtion cheaper cost for end-user selling rate Confiuration Ratecard This module will allow you to import ratecard from a csv file!

It will find that setting twice. Create Customer and Test Once you have defined your product using call-plans and rates, then you can create a new customer, and at the same time this, by default, creates new VoIP settings. Entities interaction in the callingcard platform The graph above illustrates how the main entities interact together.


User Guide

If you did not create a mysql root password during the asterisk install you should create one now. The root password is set as changepassword, this should be changed. Card properties Let’s try to make an non-exhaustive list of the a2billjng properties. Change that setting to “no”. This allow to a third party to use configuation service without having to authenticate each time.

Customers Billing Ratecard Trunk Call report Z2billing service oh i have to document this one too Administrator File manager Signup DID Then there is a daddy administrator, which has all the options, and can create acl administrators.

Tested using the following software: Change that setting to yes if no. You can also specify the buying rate, i. The following 2 diagrams illustrate A2billing inbound and outbound call flow.

The agi-conf under System Settings controls the call in progress a2villing how the call is to behave, e. For each ratecard you will be able to create as many rates you want. If you know something about administrators you will get an idea and that is enough. Then tell A2Billing that the trunks exist and they can be used in the Providers Trunks section.

Getting started with A2Billing – Part 1 Setting up a trunk

Create a call-plan and rate tables under rates. A2Billing – A2biloing Target: Bill them or warn them via email that they need to pay in order to keep their DIDs.

If you are defining a SIP trunk and the carrier needs authentication, remember to add the following configuration in sip. We will try to describe interactions between entities and the different features available through the web interface. You will have to define the ratecard name, the trunk to use and the different fields that you want to specify from your csv files. This guide takes you through the initial stages of setting up A2Billing for production.


Now you also have to assign it to a ratecard and a dial prefix.

A2Billing v Install Guide | Asterisk FreeSwitch guides

CentOS v7 Asterisk v11 v13 seems to work. Least Cost Routing – search the best termination with the cheaper cost for you buying rate. A ratecard is set of rates rates are defined according to a dialing prefix, for instance Ratecards contain all the information about one or more destinations and the rates to those destinations to which you would like to provide a termination.

As you probably discover, when you browse the card you have 2 particulars button at your disposal: Then there is a daddy administrator, which has all the options, and can create acl administrators. Simply put a card is a customer in your system.

Ask Admin » A2billing and Asterisk and Freeswitch

If you need to create many customers it makes more sense to use a database rather than a flat text file. This is very important. Cards have different properties but the main is the tariffgroup to which it is linked.

In that case, reset the flag to 0. Note that with VoIP, the call is not usually answered, whereas with a calling card, it is, so you can play audio to the customer.